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Perfect buttocks

Vanity, among other things, has become one of best friends of health. For example, we cannot stop eating sausages when they tell us that they can be harmful to health, but we can change almost instantly if they tell us that if we leave the sausage and ham we can help combat considerably cellulite and ugly tissues (without muscle tone) that are located especially in the area of the thighs and buttocks.

Talking about how to have healthy muscles and tissues with an attractive appearance especially in the buttocks, hips and thighs requires several considerations. While the food is arguably the basis, we know that exercise and even more emotional factors are also extremely important. The thighs, buttocks, under the belly and hips are the areas where large amounts of fatty deposits are concentrated, especially in women. Any excess, missing or neglect of nutrition in our diet shows clearly this area. So if you want to work in these areas of your body, you can start by a simple dietary guide, but you have to put all your effort and your best wishes. But before...

Before you start any diet

I must stress, before suggesting a diet, that if you flee of your aspect you will never look more beautiful. It is important, when starting any diet, that you consider not only wanting to show off a perfect body, but getting a bigger love for you in everything you do. Your attitude is very important in this case and can make a big difference in the results you expect, is not the same as doing things "for others to accept me and want me" than because "I love and I want to feel more satisfied or happy for me. " Choosing one or the other just speaks of how you feel after a diet: if you choose the former, you will never be ok and will want more things need to feel safe or secure, you will never end up feeling good, something inside you will not be accepted and wanted and this is reflected in your relationships. Conversely, if you choose the latter every time, even during the diet, you will feel satisfied with yourself because you're giving something that just makes you feel good and are doing something for yourself. Remember that nobody really wants you because of your buttocks or thighs, because they are fat or thin, but by who you are.

Food Guide

  • Gradually remove all those products too salty, fried and processed, especially soft drinks, sausages and fries. You'll have to go used to consume juices, especially at breakfast in the mornings, and plenty of water during the day.
  • In the morning do not forget to take fasting juice of two lemons dissolved in a cup of water. I'm insisting on this choice as it is really a wonder: it detoxifies, purifies, and is ideal for combating cellulite.
  • Saturated fats from meat and products derived from animals are very harmful when there is a tendency to overweight or flaccidity. However, you must not remove fat of your diet as these are essential for many functions of your body. You can opt for polyunsaturated fats, which are fats that are found in the vegetable world, while taking into account that the process of its development can become saturated. The best thing is to consume the seeds and fruits as raw as possible, and if you need to use oil for sautéing or dressing something, use extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed as it is best.

It is important that you leave gradually cow milk and replace it with soy.

These tips are primarily for your diet. If you do them, you will start a very important process of detoxification, especially for eliminating cellulite and start draining your muscles and skin and being endowed by better nutrition.

Exercise and massage for thighs and buttocks

Nothing better than strength training for this area of the body. Then I give these great tips you can do at home that will help you strengthen your tissues. Devoting half an hour a day is an effort well worth it.

Maintain hands and knees on the floor (like a cat). Keep your back straight while raise your right leg, stretched back. Throw it as much as you can and then return backwards trying to touch your face with the knee flexed. Make ten rounds interspersed with the other leg.

Hawaiian Dance: This dance is the best friend of the hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Wag your waist from side to side in a periodic motion with your knees bent and semi squeezing the abdomen for ten minutes. If you have never danced, for sure your legs and abdomen will hurt, but do not stop dancing, even five minutes and then increasing the time. If you put music, it will be much more enjoyable. Increase the time until you can dance half hour each day.

If you're near the beach it will be very easy. But if not, get a little sand or, alternatively, with oat flakes that are fine. Wet sand to make a little porridge with water and rub gently into the skin of your thighs and buttocks, giving a little massage, gently squeezing with your hands (mild pinching as you do not hurt). This recommendation also to tone your skin, helps circulation and soften the fat deposits.

Some more...

Did you know that bitterness and anger are emotional factors associated with cellulite? If this is your problem, then it is very relevant that you begin to reassess what makes you so angry or upset and feel and think about. Remember, above all, that your happiness depends on you and if you're stuck in the past with guilt and blame, this stagnant energy will show in your body soon.

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1 Reviews about Perfect buttocks
on 03/07/2014
If I've said it once, I'll say it again: diet and exercise. That's what it all comes down to. So simple, yet so many people don't really trust that that's all it is! The massage idea is a good one. Stimulating blood flow to different areas of the body always feels great, and I daresay we should all do more of it!

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