Patience: the secret to attract the greatest things Geduld: das Geheimnis zum gewinnen Paciencia: el secreto para lograr y atraer lo grandioso

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Patience: the secret to attract the greatest things

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Patience: the secret to attract the greatest things

A famous writer said: I want patience... And I want it now! Patience really has nothing to do with enduring, denying or disguising the things we do not want. It doesn’t mean we have to pretend we're fine when we do not feel, or we have to say things we do not want. Patience is a state of being very powerful, is a creative ingredient to achieve all that we want.

What does the word patience mean? And tolerate? Holding the things we do not like or want? If you try to achieve something in life and you're not quite sure of what this word means, then perhaps you despair often when the things you crave do not happen quickly.

It is pointless for us dreaming of attracting the right partner, a good job or a good sum of money if we do not have patience. How many times have we dreamed things and seeing that this doesn’t not happen, we stop focusing on these things or we are ok with less?

Patience means to be confidentTrust is something that unfolds slowly in humans. Trust means that you know (and do not believe) that the things you want will get soon. It’s not the same as knowledge and belief. Belief is all conjecture. You can believe that there is a white cat outside your house because someone told you. But you will not know until you actually go out and see the cat.

If you think you will get what you want, then the doubt and feelings about not getting what you want, for whatever reason, may often haunt head. You will try to deny them or get over them, and then your dream will become a struggle between unbelief and what you want.

Knowing means you've found something, and you have taken as truth. Believing is a guess. A conjecture means that something might or might not be, so you only got this as intellectual information, but you have not experienced.

Patience is a state where you know that what you dream will happen. When you have patience, you just flow with what you want, act like you already have it, you talk about that truth. When you feel anxious, doubting yourself, there is certainly duality, and if there is duality, nothing happens.

Distrust means acting according to these previous judgments or thinking what the majority thinks rather than trusting you. For example: you want to find a better job but you have not quit the one you have because you have been guided by what newspapers or news say about the unemployed. Also, in your office, people have said it would difficult and it will be better if you stay. You admit this as truth and then you distrust external conditions. So you become tolerant of the job you have, but do not like it.

On the other hand,  we can dare to leave the job we do not like, but if we see that after a certain time we do not reach the job we want, maybe we despair, i.e. begin to believe that the situation is really difficult, there are no jobs and that we have gathered payments. You may start the complaint with others, protest, anger. We become intolerant and less patient because we are leaving that state of knowledge, to feel conscious of our creative abilities, we doubt about what we got, and we return to accept things we do not want or we like, thinking "this is what I get".

So patience is a state of being better rather than a struggling against the conditions that we do not want. Patience is knowing we can create our reality and to trust our potential and abilities. When I know what I got, I feel at peace and I can focus on what I want more clearly.

You can lose patience for many reasons: for not finding a job, to have some deficiency or illness that does not get cured, not getting along with people around us, because we feel that what we want does not happen, etc. If you want to start putting into practice patience, just start by focusing on what you want to manifest and simply know that the things will happen, i.e., put in your mind on what you crave and without doubt. If you manage to do it every day, you will see as miraculous things happen in your life.

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2 Reviews about Patience: the secret to attract the greatest things
on 03/07/2014
Agreed. What beautiful words. This is something I have always struggled with. I easily get very excited, and as a child I didn't even see why something so "boring" as being patient even mattered. Now as I grow older, I begin to see the beauty of this, and feel more deeply the growing need for patience in the world.
on 01/04/2013
Beautiful words, this world full of rush and hurries makes us less patient and less human, we should understand the true meaning of the life and be able to cope with the true nature of ourselves and the environment. Patience is one of the most important values, which can make us very happy if we know how to deal with it

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