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Pans and utensils harmful to health

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Pans and utensils harmful to health

Toxic minerals are those that exceeding their ingestion or inhalation can have harmful effects on the health of the body. Some of these minerals are present in pans and utensils that can provide us with higher doses than recommended, and therefore cause toxicity, which is why it is important to know which sources could be hazardous to health.


The cookware made with this material has been banned in several countries, but in Latin America and elsewhere, are usually used often, so that entails risks to the health of the population.

Excess aluminum has toxic effects:

  • Destroys vitamin C, according to some studies, food prepared in aluminum containers and pans, lose some of its vitamin C.
  • Roast in these containers favor the formation of mutagens.
  • Aluminum also traps "lead". If the tap water has lead, it adheres to the container or utensil, and releases into the food or acidic substances in the pots.
  • Several studies have linked to aluminum with the development of Alzheimer's disease, although there is no conclusive, it is important to consider this fact, as Alzheimer patients has high quantities of aluminum in the brain tissue, although its origin until today is unknown, it is believed that the use of aluminum pots and pans could contribute to this fact.

Aluminum sources:

  • Aluminum can be ingested through utensils, and pots made from this metal.
  • It is present in processed foods
  • Also absorbed through the skin, some deodorants contains it
  • It is found in some toothpastes
  • It is part of some medications, especially antacids
  • In aluminum wrappers
  • In filter cigarettes
  • Boiling water in aluminum containers


It is a toxic metal that has no biological function in any further enzymatic and unlocks the calcium, stirring the places where it is located, such as bones and teeth. It alters enzymes, calcium and magnesium.

Sources of Lead:

  • Cookware made with this material
  • Some cosmetics
  • Automobile pollution
  • Water based paints
  • Hair dyes
  • Adhesives
  • Insecticides and fertilizers
  • Cigarettes
  • Gasoline or naphtha


Lead poisoning is perhaps the most common due to gasoline, the common use of cars, and paints containing mainly this metal.

In children, lead can cause serious problems in the development and growth even generates behavioral problems and damage organs such as the kidney and brain. They are most susceptible, as they often put their hands and toys in their mouths, which can sometimes have painted with lead-containing materials.


PTFE is used to coat surfaces and re-stick frying pans, which allows less oil used in the preparation of food. In theory Teflon is safe; however when heated to 250 ° C can be decomposed and be toxic. This temperature can be achieved if we leave the frying pan before adding the food, and some studies suggest that it is not necessary to reach this temperature, so that the Teflon toxic compounds are released.
Including Teflon pans, is unwise, and are advised to avoid its use.

How to avoid health problems

Replace your kitchen utensils, by which should be made with surgical grade stainless steel T-304 which are not porous, and thus are not oxidized.

The clay and porcelain are another option, but use those which are not decorated, and that not contain paints with lead, it is essential that has good quality enamel.

Iron utensils, dispose small amounts of this mineral just like aluminum, with the difference that iron is not harmful, but may even be beneficial. Some studies even suggest that iron deficiency is more common since the cooking utensils were replaced with aluminum versions.

Glass is a useful material, there are some pots and containers that can be found in this material tempering, which offer a good way to prepare our food.

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2 Reviews about Pans and utensils harmful to health
on 14/08/2014
Great, great article. I remember a few years back when information started coming out about the harmful chemicals used in non-stick cooking pans and such, and I was just flabbergasted. We cook with steel and cast iron skillets and pans now, and I would never go back. Once seasoned, they never stick, not even with pancakes! I also used to have problems with anemia, and now that we've been cooking with a cast iron skillet everyday, I feel fantastically strong!
on 26/04/2013
Wow, I did not know anything about this! It?s amazing to know what products can be so harmful for own body even though we don?t eat them consciously, thanks a lot for the information, I?m going to change my utensils as fast as I can because I do not wanna harm my family anymore.

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