Pain in neck, back and joints? Try Psycho-physical massage Schmerzen in Nacken, Rücken und Gelenke?  Versuchen sie Psycho-Körpermassage ¿Dolor de cuello, espalda, huesos, etc.?  Prueba el masaje psico-corporal

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Pain in neck, back and joints? Try Psycho-physical massage

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Pain in neck, back and joints? Try Psycho-physical massage

Posture, muscle tone, texture, color and vitality of the movements of the body of a person reveal their emotional history, character and deep-rooted feelings. The body consists of emotional structures. This happens gradually as we grow, we define our body structure according to the arrangement and emotional defenses we have according to the different experiences we live.

There are defensive structures in the body as muscle tension which are called blocks. These locks are interesting because they are walls as barriers or muscle that formed due to the defense or rejection of different feelings and emotions, which are arranging the body so that it cannot operate in the best possible way, we can say that they are as a defense mechanism against the many threats that an individual may perceive in their environment at an early age. Muscular blockade prevents not only that emotion cannot move or be discharged freely and spontaneously, but the body loses expressiveness and naturalness in its movements, which does not give way to a healthy and harmonious flow throughout the body.

Locks are formed in the body due to emotion, to be judged by the individual, consciously or not, not allowing to leave the area, stressing the muscle slowly. A controlled emotion will then, over time, get crystallized in the physical body, eventually causing muscle tightening or chronic stress, which eventually causes not only the muscle runs, but the immune and nervous system get significantly worn, the constant bad self-esteem weakens and degenerates organs and systems, causing a range of diseases.

Locks and psycho-physical massage

For example, if a girl does not like her job and has to endure because she feels anger and rejection and which cannot express with her disagreement, she begins to build muscle blocks. Anger control, for example, cause tension on all the muscles in the area of defense or attack, which are the muscles of the chest, neck, shoulders and arms. If the girl doesn’t find solution to her emotions, then probably she will start to feel much tension in these areas. If the situation continues, muscle pains and weakening of the immune system appear, making her likely to become sick more often.

The same goes for young children when they cannot defend themselves or they perceive the authorities harm or cause pain, so begin to form blocks, which are more or less caused as the individual feel threatened or trapped in the emotions.

Babies have only one way to express their emotions freely and spontaneously, they cry and cry even when they enjoy, because infants still lack an internal editor to judge what they feel.

Now, to avoid blockages forming, one doesn’t need not behave like a "baby" and cry or mourn when one wants that. No. A blockade can be stopped when there is an emotional understanding and a mature emotional energy of understanding and comprehension.

However, at the beginning, this can be arduous, since most adults have formed blockades that are deep, even if the individual does not notice because is used to them.

These blockages can be detected in a clear and evident way by a professional who can read the emotional story of the body. Alexander Lowen explains in detail how these blocks can be observed in a thick skin, for example, which may show a reluctance to establish close contacts, or a hunched back when the person feels that carries a heavy load or in rigid bones (eg, arthritis), when the person is rigid or with authoritarian mindsets.

To release these locks, and a comprehension and understanding of the emotional energy, one may use a psycho-body massage, which focuses on helping to identify those individual blocks to discharge something that prevents an efficient flow of energy, organs and systems. This type of massage is often performed to the person when is seated and unconscious and helps you regain your physical and mental wellbeing.

The massage is gentle or intense as required, at specific points of the body where blood is stagnant. These sites are generally located in specific points on the body. This massage has many benefits in every way, and the person will feel better emotionally, as this can cause the release of tears content, the expression of frustrations and unspoken feelings, etc., which bring both psychic and physical relief.

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3 Reviews about Pain in neck, back and joints? Try Psycho-physical massage
on 17/07/2014
Hmm...this is interesting. So if you were to have a psycho-physical massage, would the masseuse then engage in a series of teachings or meditations beforehand, to tap into the psychological part of the session? Or is this something that's more or less practiced on your own?
on 01/06/2014
good idea, where can I get? is there any specialized center to try it? or any person that is an expert on that?
on 06/03/2013
I have heard about these blockages that we accumulate during our entire life, but I didn?t know that you could perform an especial exercise to stop them and relax the entire body, I?m looking forward to do it and feel better because my body is somehow tired and stressed because of my job.

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