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Organic wines lead Biofach

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Organic wines lead Biofach

BioFach, the world leader salon in organic products, in the highlight event of 2008, shows a very special star: organic wines. From 21st to 24th February 2008, exhibitors and visitors may participate in the largest room of organic wines in the world. And wears a new outfit! In 200, we saw a record participation of around 300 exhibitors from 13 countries. The 2008 edition has been proposed to beat this record and provides a further increase of over 10%. In the hall you will enjoy the wine! Expositors and visitors can admire in a pleasant environment, radiant light, the range of international organic wines, collected in a single flag. The joint celebration of BioFach and Vivaness 2008 will host 2,600 exhibitors (2007: 2,565) to once again attract some 45,000 trade visitors (2007: 45,520).

The wine flag will be presented to the wine grape growers leaders: Italy, France and Spain, as well as Argentina, Chile, Germany, Greece, Austria, Hungary or Turkey. Also expected in regions less well known whose wines can be found in the area of wine tasting pavilion, the wine will be served by experts. The visitors have there the possibility of forming an idea of the range of organic wine around BioFach. You may register at the wine bar in the categories of red, white, pink, "sweet "or" sparkling."

Visitors may examine sample of the wines that are most interested to know. And you can do so with or without specialist advice. The pavilion's restaurant and the circuit will surprise the palate of flavors with extra sensory perceptions. The wine pavilion of BioFach offers lessons that go far beyond the classic "chocolate + wine ". And the thirst for knowledge and information on the subject of organic wine is satisfy the forum and on stage. From the architectural point of view, the hall presents a completely new picture. Exhibitors can choose between there different types of booth design and exclusive. It will be possible to exhibit individually and grouped into one of the squares. "With our new philosophy we stand to defend a trend by offering an international platform, comprehensive and high value to this important segment of the market environment. The organic wine has a huge potential and will be presented at BioFach 2008 accordingly,"says Udo Funke, Director of BioFach and Vivaness.

Also in 2008 was again awarded the best organic wines under Wine Annual Award (closing of registration: October 5, 2007, ). In the last call, which involved some 1,000 wines, a critical jury awarded 76 wines "gold" or "top gold". It was first awarded in 2008 BioFach the best olive oils from organic cultivation. The visitors choose their favorite to be awarded on Saturday at the show.

Organic wines in Germany recorded growth rates of two-digit

International statistics of organic wines show Italy leading the vineyard with an area close to 30,000 hectares. About half, about 15,000 hectares each, with France and Spain. The cultivation of organic wine, which is just across Europe to 4% and in Germany is estimated at only 2% of world production of wine , is recording some years growth rates of two digits in this country. Ecologically cultivated in Germany, there are around 2000 hectares of vineyards. About 80% of the more than 400 companies are organized as national ecological associations Ecovin, Bioland, Naturland or Demeter. 15 organic vineyards, which cover an area of 260 hectares, are members of the German Association of Quality Wine (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter, VDP).

"The production of organically grown requires very special wine knowledge. Without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers requires the grower a very special treat for the vineyards, "says Martin Kössler, marketer of wines from Nuremberg. However, conditions in the wine cellar still are not regulated by any rules. But work is this: in 2009 is expected to be approved guidelines on organically grown wines. The organic wine, so far, is a wine produced from grapes growing environmentally controlled. Steffen Christmann , president of the VDP is also interested in the question on how to produce organic wines of the future. He wants to motivate his firm members with a return to nature: "To continue reaping the future of quality natural products, you must heal the soil and the vineyard.The market for organic wine is gaining increasing respect and esteem, say the experts. Trends in organic wine undeniably point towards biodynamic cultivation.

Men buy organic wine

According representative sampling carried out by TNS EMNID, Bielefeld, are mainly men who are jumping on the bandwagon of organic wine. Until now, women were the main buyers of organic products. German men are more reluctant to ecological, summarizes the study. The reason is a lack of information on organic products. But once they are informed, three quarters of them become buyers of such products. Women opt for organic wines for ethical reasons and health, men, however, about the quality. It is here that organic wines have great potential, as both production and sale of wine is still a bloke thing.

Organic wines is in great demand, also by the country

With regard to regional preferences of customers in Germany and overseas, wines of Spain are the most requested. However, they are also very popular for organic wines in their own country. Peter Riegel, industry expert and wine merchant says: "German wines, which were long in the shadow of Mediterranean wines, are increasingly popular, especially castes like typical Riesling, Weiss, and Spätburgunder Grauer." The wines drunk by the Germans are those that cost between 5 and 7 euros. Despite the good quality wines in price between 7 and 10 euros is much more difficult. But wine merchants are happy for the increase in wines over 10 euros. According to experts, the future filling these wines more and more shelves of establishments. A development which also confirms Schmücking of Jürgen BioAustria. "These wines bring a real boom in the cultivation of quality wines. Whoever wants to produce in the future wines of high quality, you cannot dispense with an organically grown wine. "

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1 Reviews about Organic wines lead Biofach
on 25/10/2014
I absolutely love wine, and organic wine even more so. I haven't quite developed a critical pallete for wines yet, but I'm headed that way. I haven't been able to taste a difference yet in organic wines, but judging by this article, I'm assuming they do taste differently. I can't wait until I can percieve the difference!

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