Organic products of Euskadi, Natural Quality Bio-Produkte von Euskadi, natürliche Qualität Productos ecológicos de Euskadi, Naturalmente Calidad

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Organic products of Euskadi, Natural Quality

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Organic products of Euskadi, Natural Quality

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Gonzalo Saenz de Samaniego presented, together with the president of the Association of Ecological Producers, Ekonekazaritza, Tomas Larrañaga, the "Ecological Products Euskadi, quality course" in which they have invested over 200,000 euros through the end of the year. To coincide with the Christmas season, this campaign aims to arouse the awareness of consumers towards organic products in Basques.

The organic production system which defines the fundamental objective is to get healthy food and high quality, respecting the environment and conserving soil fertility, all through the optimal use of natural resources, excluding the use of synthetic chemicals and ensuring sustainable development.

Hence the slogan chosen for the campaign, with the word "course" as topic, clearly shows the main benefits of organic agriculture: healthy, responsible and committed consumption.

The campaign also features the different types of behavior regarding the consumption of these products: a housewife concerned about the health of their children, a young woman who consumes food of various kinds, including environmental, or a pair of young consumers in particular concerned with the preservation of the environment.

The idea is to raise awareness of the benefits of consuming these products, to generalize and standardize their hitherto reserved for more highly aware of their health or the environment, while increasing the number of holdings registered in the Register of Organic Agriculture of the CAE.

In addition, the consumer must know to distinguish the real from the fake products, and therefore the campaign is based on spreading a very clear picture: the seal of assurance that can only carry certified organic products in the Basque Country. This quality label is controlled by the Basque Government.

The significant increase of operators registered in the Register of Organic Agriculture and the rise of this method of production, has prompted the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Basque Government to develop a new Organic Agriculture Act now before Parliament, which will be very important for the development of organic agriculture in the Basque Country.

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2 Reviews about Organic products of Euskadi, Natural Quality
on 31/10/2015
That's really cool that the basque country is producing organic agriculture as well, I would love to go and visit, it sounds like a beautiful country. Hearing that they are producing organic agriculture only increases my incentive for going to visit someday!
on 08/12/2013
There just to many things we can do to stop having environmental problems, the responsibility of the government must be carried in the right way as the people needs to learn from them and the campaigns to achieve a change in the daily consumption of normal products

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