Organic products: health and beauty for you and the planet Bio-Produkte: Gesundheit und Schönheit für sie und die Umwelt Productos orgánicos: salud y belleza para ti y el planeta

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Organic products: health and beauty for you and the planet

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Organic products: health and beauty for you and the planet

If there is something everyone can do to help the planet, is to begin to transform the habits that damage, pollute and deteriorate it for healthy habits to help improve the conditions of the planet where we live.

The damage that makes the contaminated or poor quality food in the body is the same deterioration that occurs with either environmental pollution by garbage, toxic gases, and more on the planet, which is also a living organism that responds and reacts to the aggression, carelessness and negligence of those who inhabit it.

Although it seems that organic food is a luxury business, in reality, this type of product is only the reflection of a new shift in consciousness. There comes a point where people get tired of being sick and their bodies deteriorate, and they have to rely on drugs or expensive treatments often without receiving the desired cure.

The planet, on the other hand, it’s too tired of being treated as object to the exploitation and abuse with all kinds of substances that damage and weaken it more and more, resulting in series environmental responses that seem aggressive and terrible, but in the end they are only the echo of the way how it was treated.

Love to you and the planet

Organic products are beginning to be preferred more and more often, not only as a new way to eat healthier, but they are charged with a more harmonious energy and consciousness, which is reflected from the way food is hand harvested or cultivated for more loving and conscious. For example:

  • Organic products are grown without pesticides and without contaminated water, which does not harm the earth. Such products are harvested with only water usually.
  • The organic livestock is also treated with special care; it enjoys the free grazing, sunning and is treated with more dignity, without medicines, chemicals or hormones to make them grow faster (which is terrible for the animal aggression). In addition, they are allowed a sufficient lifetime and then killed painlessly, quickly and securely so that the animal does not secrete substances produced by fear or suffering, which are harmful for human consumption.
  • Organic vegetables and fruits contain many more nutrients (vitamins and minerals), are healthier for the assimilation, stomach does not battle with toxic substances, and are very safe for consumption even in young children because it does not contain pesticides that harm your body.
  • In addition, these products contain many more antioxidants than normally produced. Antioxidants help repair tissue and prevent wear, cancer and premature aging.
  • Products are certainly richer, more pleasant texture and easier digestion.
  • There is a low risk to food allergies.
  • They are free of toxic waste from synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, additives and preservatives.
  • Help maintain a good balance, metabolism and body chemistry.
  • They are free of traces of anabolic steroids.
  • Promote sustainable development of the field.Encourage support for medium and small producers who are paid fairly for their products.
  • They are fine with the ecosystem.
  • Rescue and promote biodiversity.
  • These products productions does not create environmental problems, does not pollute the soil, water or the atmosphere.
  • These products are certified and endorsed, are grown under strict international procedures.

Cheap things become expensive

While organic products are more expensive due to the production and treatment they receive, the price one pays worth it. Ultimately, the benefits of eating organic products are undoubtedly better. It may be that by choosing less expensive products is best for the purse, but the savings do not only coins, but harmful substances in the body and the planet which, sooner or later could damage your health and beauty. So you should invest time, money and effort in trying to compensate your body and the planet.

What the earth and the body return to us

We can see that the earth blooms near garbage bags, the sun rises in spite of pollution and the hens keep giving eggs although they have tied up and caged. On the other hand, the body has life and energy even though life has been neglected, and every day makes great efforts to eliminate what is harmful and keep your balance so that we can just wake up in the morning, and choose the way how we want to live. The grace of nature seems to be willing to give and give. We are not giving it much, or nothing.

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2 Reviews about Organic products: health and beauty for you and the planet
on 09/10/2014
It is so good that so much importance is being placed on organic things, and sustainable ways of farming, but we still need to be placing even more emphasis on reducing our consumption of products and goods. Let us NEVER stray from REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE. Reducing consumption (even applied to chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers) is the first step to living well.
on 05/01/2013
It?s important to give a hand the planet we have destroyed and we must do that! Because it?s the only thing we know, the life we got, and even though we think we are a very well developed society, it?s not like that. We have forgotten the meanings of life and it?s to find a balance between humans, plants, animals, and the planet in general.

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