Organic product entrepreneurs seek alliances in Naturalia In der Naturalia suchen Bio-Produkt Unternehmer Allianzen Los empresarios de Productos Ecológicos buscarán alianzas en Naturalia

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Organic product entrepreneurs seek alliances in Naturalia

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Organic product entrepreneurs seek alliances in Naturalia

The town of Hinojosa del Valle, from 4th to May 6th, will host 4000 farmers in a hundred of stands in the Third Exhibition of Wild and Natural organic products, (Naturalia) and I Brokerage of these products to seek alliances and common interests.

President of the Association of Municipalities Tierra de Barros, and Mayor of Hinojosa del Valle, Juan Duran, filed last week in Merida the initiative in the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Extremadura, FEMPEX.

It is the time to make the jump to the economic development of our area, said Duran, who intended this show to make contact with the major national supermarkets and the catering sector as a potential customer.

The first day, there will be the inauguration by the Minister of Rural Development, Francisco Javier López Iniesta, then the first encounter will be responsible for business with large and medium companies, distributors and experts.

In the second day, there will be a contest of wild food products, which will include several restaurants in the region.

During the course of the show until its closing on June 6th, visitors can visit the sample space into three zones or Naturalia tents, an institution, other organic products and the latest multi for companies pooling.

The fair aims to be a framework which presents the latest developments in the areas of wildlife products, organic and natural products such as organic olive oil, nuts, vegetables, among others, and seeks to overcome the views of year 7000 above.

The responsible for company, Juan Carlos Cascos, the organizer of this meeting between organic producers, said that Extremadura is the region with the largest production base of Spain but there is only a small business in terms of distribution and marketing nationally.

The fair, a part of its annual meeting, also has virtual pointing helmets, with a space on the network to develop business strategies for the future, with a regional vision. has traveled to different companies in the region considering its commercial interests which have shaped tables to contact the employers during the fair to seek alliances and can do business.

This fair is the third that has been done nationally, behind Madrid and Barcelona.

For future editions, said Duran, he is contacting with Portuguese companies to take a cross-border and international trade show for this.

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1 Reviews about Organic product entrepreneurs seek alliances in Naturalia
on 28/10/2014
Do you have any information regarding upcoming events? Every time I read these articles it seems like I'm waaay past when the event actually happened, and I'd really love to attend one! I will be in Spain next summer, throughout the end of July, and I might be able to swing by and see something.

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