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Organic markets throughout Malaga

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Organic markets throughout Malaga

The organic market is a phenomenon that is being imposed in most towns of Malaga. After an initial pilot phase, the project of the Organic Markets, promoted for months by the Environment area of the Municipality, has given the green light for its implementation.

The plan is already in operation, explained the chairman of the joint entity of Axarquia (Malaga), José Jesús Domínguez Palma. In his words, once the previous phase, there will be a traveling circuit of markets with organic production which will tour the major population centers of the region: Rincon de la Victoria, Nerja, Torrox and Torre del Mar.

After the briefing that took place this week, the coordinator of the Ecological Association Axarquia, José Antonio Ortega, presented some characteristics of the markets in the Commonwealth: the promotion of processing, marketing and consumption of organic food, in addition to an advisory service for farmers in developing activities related to production and consumption of organic products.

Coordination in the region

As reported then, is the Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol Axarquia who will extend the initiative of environmental markets throughout the region. It will do so through the Sustainable Tourism Initiative and grants from the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to collaborate with the Axarquia Ecological Association.

The president of the institution, José Jesús Domínguez Palma (PSOE) and the voice of the Environment, José Antonio Ponce (UI) have held a meeting with the provincial delegate of Agriculture and Fisheries, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, the coordinator of the Ecological Association Axarquia Jose Antonio Ortega Codina and Elisa Paez, directors of the Association for Tourism Promotion Axarquia (APTA) to close the terms on which will take forward this initiative.

Dominguez stressed Palma Commonwealth's bid for the ecology and the support to entrepreneurs. "This is a groundbreaking initiative that also benefit the public and will allow producers to market their products in new areas", defined.

For his part, Pedro Fernández Ibar, UI spokesman of Commonwealth has expressed satisfaction with the support of the Junta de Andalucía to draft "after months of hard work by the Commonwealth to coordinate area, and after many meetings is gratifying that the project of the Organic Markets has the backing of the Autonomous Administration and therefore it is a reality as soon as possible."

Moreno Ferrer has pledged to subsidize the initiative once the farmers in the Axarquia acceded to the project. Commonwealth, for its part, would hold a meeting with them before Easter. In addition, the Provincial Government of Málaga participate in the initiative through meetings previously held between representatives of Commonwealth and the institution.
Although it is envisaged that all the localities concerned to enjoy the initiative, initially will be launched in a town on the coast as a pilot.

Benefits of markets

The markets will be installed, preferably on weekends, and can alternate Saturdays and Sundays. Although at the request of producers, we study them coincide with the days of flea market in each area. 

Ibar Fernandez has insisted that this initiative will contribute to economic development in the Axarquia, "a key aspect as organic farming is benefiting both farmers in the region and to consumers, who enjoy high quality at an affordable price" .

The posts will be wood and have a distinctive awning. In principle there will be about 40 environmental jobs, settling about 15 in each locality.
Parallel events are organized mainly dedicated to children, in order to attract visitors and raise awareness among families.

Ortega Codina has valued highly the results of the meeting held. "As head of the Association I am very pleased with the agreement reached by all the administrations involved, thanks to which will be taken forward an initiative that benefits everyone," said.
stand of the organization will collect the data for users of green products and make them available to producers, to send timely, idealizing consumption.

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2 Reviews about Organic markets throughout Malaga
on 14/10/2014
I just LOVE open air markets! We have farmers markets here in the States, but usually they only last during the summer months, and on specific days of the week (generally Saturdays). I would LOVE to have a more consistent system in place where we have open air markets like this every day of the week...kind of like a super market, but made up of local farmer stands!
on 30/04/2013
I?d had the luck of visiting one of those markets when I visited Malaga a few years ago and it was a beautiful experience that could be repeated in every country of the world, surely this would improve the sales of organic products and the knowledge of those

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