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Organic gardens in Valladolid

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Organic gardens in Valladolid

The deadline for requesting one of the organic orchards and the City College of Agricultural Engineering (INEA) available to older people in the capital will remain open until January 31st.

Experience, which began last year in which the property is in the INEA Camino Viejo de Simancas, is described as a success by the councilor of Social Welfare, Rosa Hernandez, and Pablo Corral task of the school.

Of the 218 existing sites, 90 remain vacant this year, and 128 veteran farmers who were premiered in 2005 will also continue this season, according to the mayor. Applications to qualify for a land of 150 square meters are to be made in larger centers.

Drip irrigation 

According to Corral, works to enable new plots are scheduled to begin this year. The forecast expansion of this agricultural school for seniors, which is required to grow with natural fertilizers and techniques which respect the environment, reaching the 450 plots as announced Consistory. We also want to start installing drip irrigation in all plots to save on water consumption.

INEA offers farmers the plot, a cabinet to store equipment and jacks water, while the successful tenderers of the land must provide tools and seed. Two engineers from the school are responsible for advising gardeners on the most suitable crops for each season, irrigation techniques or treatment against pests.

The conditions of use are that the output cannot be marketed -must be for self-and multi-annual crops being prohibited. The abandonment of the orchard entails loss of the award. The City Council of Valladolid, in collaboration with INEA, this activity began, a pioneer in Spain, as an option for leisure and recreation of the largest in the capital, and to encourage the relationship with nature and each other.

Source: Norte de Castilla

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1 Reviews about Organic gardens in Valladolid
on 04/03/2014
Having a small orchard in the city to enjoy producing natural products can be one of the biggest things you can do, and all the cities should try to have them in specific places, helping not only farmers but the people who are interested in the agriculture but cannot live in the rural areas

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