Organic Agriculture will not have GMOs in Catalonia Der ökologische Landbau ohne GVO in Katalonien La agricultura ecológica en Cataluña no tendrá OGM

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Organic Agriculture will not have GMOs in Catalonia

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Organic Agriculture will not have GMOs in Catalonia

The Catalan government has responded to the claim of the Consell Català de l'farming (CCPA) and the organic sector in general and has corrected its position on GMOs. Thus, Catalan organic agriculture does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as appears in the Book of Standards Technology (QNT) to be adopted in the coming weeks. This decision was taken by the Department of Agriculture, (DARP) of the Generalitat of Catalonia for the Sector Roundtable meeting last Friday to Lleida and thanks to pressure from the sector of organic agriculture.

SMCC from the Catalan government's intention to allow GMOs in organic agriculture launched a campaign to mobilize the entire sector. Several associations and groups also supported the release of the CCPA against GM. Daniel Valls, president of ACFA, insisted that the rectification of the DARP is achieved “thanks to the will and pressure throughout the industry".

The Board of Governors, meeting last days July 24th, dismissed the section 01.02.07 of the QNT on the threshold of tolerance of GMOs in organic agriculture that the Catalan administration stood at 0.9% pollution allowed. SMCC, which fought a long time, decided to launch a campaign against this decision as DARP violated the will of the Council and across the sector in general.

Daniel Valls said that several governing boards had discussed the problem for GM and had directed DARP in this regard. Therefore QNT had told that "The will of the CCPA or the Catalan of the organic sector did not reflect."

The QNT is the document that has to realize the policy aspects covered by European regulations which are not well defined, to establish the technical rules applicable to operators on a few in the wine, and finds the technical issues not covered by the regulation. In addition to adjusting the rules that define the ecological system of agricultural production and food to the features and specifications of the own territory of Catalonia.

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1 Reviews about Organic Agriculture will not have GMOs in Catalonia
on 01/12/2015
This is excelent news. I think there's a lot of confusion around between what organic truly is and what a GMO truly is. Most people don't realize that even though they're against GMO's, they still mistakenly eat them from the super market! They're unlabeled here in the US!

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