Organic Agriculture will be the model for European agriculture Ökologischer Landbau wird das Modell für die europäische Landwirtschaft La Agricultura Ecológica será el modelo a seguir por la agricultura europea

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Organic Agriculture will be the model for European agriculture

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Organic Agriculture will be the model for European agriculture

European experts call to convert organic agriculture in the model for European agriculture. Press Note. Brussels / Hortobágy 19/09/08.  IFOAM EU Regional Group - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.

Thirty European experts, the seminar participants at the European food and farming and its policy framework in Hungary (1), organized by the IFOAM EU Group (2) from 20 EU countries and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) held in Hortobagy, Hungary, under the slogan - " food and farming and its political framework " (3) - gave a heartfelt welcome to the proposal of the French presidency Review the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), post-2013 and demand the Council to adopt organic agriculture as the future model for European agriculture.

Health check of the CAP has come at a crucial time: budget cuts, increases in food prices, the production of agrofuels , the Climate Change and the problems in the environment. These issues call into question the current system of agricultural production and its financing. The French presidency has recognized this and will discuss the future direction of the CAP at the informal meeting of farm ministers in Annecy, France this weekend.

" AE offers solutions to these problems ", said Francis Blake, IFOAM EU Group president. "We have been past time to take incremental steps, which tend to go against each other, and therefore cost more time to perform. We need a holistic approach, and only we can provide AE ."

The French Presidency of the EU has suggested to the Council of Ministers here four things to be completed by the future CAP:

  • Ensuring food safety, including aspects related to public health
  • Contributing to a healthy diet and participating in the global world of food security
  • Preserving the balance of rural areas
  • Participating in the fight against climate change and promoting environmental improvement

The workshop participants concluded that organic agriculture is a unique combination with positive effects on all the goals mentioned above: health and quality of food, food safety (and in particular working independently, in developing countries); rural society and quality of life in rural areas, p. e., through job creation, local marketing, and environment (including a lower energy use and increased carbon sequestration).

Mr. Blake concluded: "Therefore, organic agriculture must become a global model for agriculture in Europe - and the future CAP must be designed according to this model" .


(1) The CAP Seminar "Sustainable agriculture in Europe - the role of food and organic farming and its political framework ", provides the opportunity to summarize the impacts of changes in the frameworks Legal in Europe.

(2) The IFOAM EU Group represents 334 members of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) in the EU and EFTA countries, including countries and access routes within the EU. Member organizations include: consumers, farmers and processors, research, education and counseling, certification agencies and marketing of organic products.

(3) The seminar took place from 18 to 21 September in Hortobágy, Hungary. Was co-financed by the European Community, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Solely responsible for the communication/publication lies with the author. The Commission is not responsible for any use that might be made of the information contained here.

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1 Reviews about Organic Agriculture will be the model for European agriculture
on 17/10/2014
It really looks like Europe is coming around as far as organic agriculture and farming goes. This is really great stuff! YOu should write an article comparing different agricultural systems and the advantages and disadvantages of alll of those systems observed. I'd really be curious to know how countries like China and Russia do.

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