Organic agriculture, star of the 22nd edition of Bioculture Ökologischer Landbau, Star der 22. Ausgabe der Bioculture La agricultura ecológica, estrella de la 22ª edición de BioCultura

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Organic agriculture, star of the 22nd edition of Bioculture

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Organic agriculture, star of the 22nd edition of Bioculture

This Fair for Alternative and Responsible Consumption will be held from November 3rd to 6rh at the Casa de Campo in Madrid and this year will be held in two pavilions, the Convention will be concentrated in organic food and the Pavilion of the Pipa to multisectoral. In this edition, the Murcia Autonomous Community is invited "a pioneer in organic agriculture in Spain and rich in fruit, vegetables, rice, grapes, almonds and grain premium quality," says Vida Sana, which described the region as "organic paradise”.

They stress the need to invest in organic production as the best way to stop the massive emission of greenhouse gases, but this will require relocating the Spanish economy, say.

They are betting not only promoting organic agriculture in Spain but also to enhance the "great challenge of the bio-industry in Spain", as almost 90 per cent of production is destined for the Spanish export.

Most organic olive oil, organic wines and vegetables, to name just a few foods, are consumed in Germany, UK, U.S. or Japan and they will have in a large sample staffed by some 12,000 references to products certified as organic agriculture.

Remember that the average expenditure per capita of annual consumption in Europe is 30 euros, ranging from 110 euros to be spent in Switzerland for only 8 euros in Spain.

Therefore Vida Sana demands greater involvement of government to promote these products, because "we are still very far from many countries where the Government is concerned to promote healthier foods and healthy population" laments.

While agriculture and organic foods include most of the surface and the exhibitors, Bioculture host a multitude of products and suggestions for daily living that have also been obtained by organic methods, without the use of synthetic chemical substances.

At the fair, there will be also natural products for hygiene and cosmetics, bio-materials, renewable energy, furniture and furnishings for housing and healthy workplaces; complementary therapies and medicines, saving and recycling, ecology; environment, tourism and rural nursing homes, toys, crafts, among others.

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2 Reviews about Organic agriculture, star of the 22nd edition of Bioculture
on 24/11/2015
Organic agriculture should definitely be the center of a lot of presentations involving future production to feed the world's population. It's really sad to see how much of our agriculture is still using conventional methods with chemicals and toxins, when we already know how dangerous they are.
on 05/01/2014
I have assisted to one of these fairs and it was a very good thing to do, I got informed about many things that I didn?t know and I had a great time looking at the new products that now I can have on my basket when buying, this is one of the biggest events related to this topic and it has to keep on going!

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