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Organic farming differs from other agricultural production systems in several respects. This type of agriculture promotes the use of renewable resources and recycling to the extent that restores soil nutrients in waste products. Applied to livestock production, regulates the production of meat and poultry with particular attention to animal welfare and use of natural feed. Organic farming respects the mechanisms of nature to control pests and diseases in crops and livestock and avoids the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics, and genetic manipulation . Alternatively, producers use a series of techniques that help sustain ecosystems and reduce pollution. P

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Organic Agro-livestock in La Palma

International Foundation Center for Agriculture (ICBA) has approved a budget totaling just over 42,100 euros, and where the promotion, research and training in agriculture and organic livestock purcha...

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The number of Organic Farms in the UK rises

British farmers involved in the cultivation of organic products are growing. Since 1999, a total of 33 farmers in the east of the UK (West Sussex) are engaged in such production, which occupies the ar...

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Organic crops grown by 17%

The surface registered organic by the Association CAAE rose from 316,029 to 369,954 hectares in 2005. The provinces with higher growth in this period were Granada, Seville and Huelva in that order.

New Regulation for Organic Food

The European Commission today adopted a proposal for a new regulation on organic agriculture, which aims to improve both the clarity for consumers and farmers. The new rules will be simpler, and allow...

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Zamora marketed the first organic lambs

Production of the first organic lambs in the province of Zamora will begin today with the slaughter of about forty animals from the region Sayago for further marketing.

Andalusia: 1.37 million to support the organic sector

Counselor of Agriculture and Fisheries of Andalusia, Isaías Pérez Saldaña, handed in Seville 1.37 million euros in aid that will assist a total investment of 3.4 million by 26 food businesses in di...

Zufre will have an eco-mill

Zufre Convert to a reference point for Andalusia's olive groves and organic products is the goal of the fair Oleozufre, who serves as its third edition, with the participation of cooperatives and oliv...

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Menorca has 269 plots of organic agriculture

Minorcan field currently has 269 plots of organic production. Largest municipality that has this type of surface is Mahón production, as its 141 plots cover a total of 929 hectares. Ciutadella, with ...

Almàssera creates a Municipal company of organic products

It aims to integrate all the tenants of the people and cultures of the Museu de l'Horta. Almàssera City Council has created a municipal company in charge of producing and trading agricultural product...

Concern for Social Policy on GMOs

71 organizations sent to the Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, a letter that details the reasons for this concern and demands for the cultivation of GMOs in Spain.

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Plan for the Promotion of Organic Production in Madrid

The Community of Madrid will launch the "Promotion of Organic Production” of the Community of Madrid, which has a budget of approximately 3 million, it has two main objectives: encouraging organic p...

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Organic Aquaculture in Huelva

The Association of Marine Aquaculture in Andalusia (ASEM) bet on the differentiation of aquaculture products through the introduction of quality brands, for the use of certified quality printing and t...

Extremadura: 10% of the Organic Agriculture

The 9.62% of the agricultural area of Extremadura is dedicated to organic agriculture, which places it as one of the regions with the highest proportion of land under cultivation, only behind the Cant...

Organic Cantabria: meat, milk, honey and orchard

Organic agriculture groups to 94 operators of meat, milk, honey and garden products in Cantabria. Oria presented the campaign to promote this type of production in which they have invested 40,000 euro...

Organic Agriculture in Las Cinco Villas

The region of Cinco Villas includes 36 producers of organic crops of rice, corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa and vegetables in an area of 1,700 hectares. A representation of the sector held the tenth anniv...

Displaying 211 to 231 (of 231 articles) 8 
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