Organic agriculture... or reinventing the future Ökologischer Landbau ...  oder die Zukunft erfinden Agricultura ecológica........ o reinventar el futuro

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Organic agriculture... or reinventing the future

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Organic agriculture... or reinventing the future

EARTH IS ALIVE, millions of microorganisms are living in it. The fertility and providing food for the plants to grow healthily depends on decomposition of these materials on the soil surface. Chemical fertilizers undermine these microorganisms, and the fields treated with them are becoming increasingly ill as they lost their source of life: the humus. The plants grow faster, against nature. Its exterior is beautiful to look at and seems healthy, but inside it cannot form properly or develop the defenses necessary to prevent diseases and pests, so if you do not want to lose the crop, you must use pesticides. And we all know that the earth "is increasingly DEAD", groundwater and air are polluted, fish and birds die, the trees disappear. The desert arrives.

Organic agriculture is an alternative approach to agricultural production based on respect for the environment around us, producing healthy food of the highest quality, upgrading technical and scientific knowledge. To achieve these objectives, we should apply a series of techniques:

  • Being integrated into the organic system of agriculture that is not environmental bad.
  • Enhancing soil fertility and productive capacity to ensure the continuity of agricultural production.
  • Respecting the natural cycles of crops and animals to provide healthy living conditions.
  • Not adding substances that are harmful to health or impair the ability support.

The consumer can now buy organic products in different outlets, supermarkets, consumer associations, specialty shops, etc., always looking for the label of the inspection body and reference for organic growing.

The lack of effective legislation that identifies the food makes the endorsement of the Organic Agriculture reliably guarantee that food that does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Agriculture today has come to leave much of the medium that has become one of its worst enemies. The widespread use of synthetic chemical fertilizers leads to soil, water and air degradation.

Organic Agriculture avoids these problems by using only natural products and methods. Using the productive potential of the soil, keeping it as a living system and improving its natural fertility. Balanced systems are created with strong and healthy plants, so that natural processes and the resistance of crops are sufficient to prevent pests and diseases. Livestock breeding is a very natural environment, eating a balanced manner. This avoids having to resort to the use of substances and techniques that may cause any harm to the environment. The Organic Agriculture needs diverse systems, where the variety of crops, hedges, grass under the fruit trees, green manures, vegetation margins and slopes, and rich ecosystems... generates high environmental value.

In short, agriculture remains as vital and complex ecosystem, closely associated with nature.

Source: DAIQUI 

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1 Reviews about Organic agriculture... or reinventing the future
on 26/11/2015
Yes! I definitely agree, that by changing the way we eat, the way we grow and prepare our food, we are changing our lives! This topic is no less serious than the fact that we are absolutely changing the future. We just need to keep up steam and momentum, and continue pushing forward!

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