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Organic Agriculture in Las Cinco Villas

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Organic Agriculture in Las Cinco Villas

The region of Cinco Villas includes 36 producers of organic crops of rice, corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa and vegetables in an area of 1,700 hectares. A representation of the sector held the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Organic Agriculture Aragonés (CAAE) on November 8th in Zaragoza, whose president, Antonio Ruiz, was a farmer in the neighborhood of Bardena. Among the producers include the Cardelinas (apple, pear, vegetables, juice, jam and apple compote), Señorío Cinco Villas (organic wine and rearing young), the canning of Prepirineo S. Coop. S.L Uncastellum and Wineries.

In addition to the crops in the region, there is a greenhouse in Tauste and Pinsoro bet on fruit growing, the region of Cinco Villas comprises eight companies, including cooperative Sádaba cultivated by organic cereal seed give just one example.

Fake "BIO"

Legislating continues with "ambiguity" on issues affecting the organic agriculture: continued without disappearing "false change" that harm the development of the internal market by creating confusion among consumers.


With the new CAP reform of the many farms and semi-arid zone can only have a future by incorporating this technology that reduces production costs and increases the value added of products.

Only a decade ago, there were few and were considered "crazy." Now we show that it is possible to make quality products without using poisons or chemical synthesis.

This agriculture respects biodiversity, produce healthy food for the benefit of consumer health, this work is accomplished with an environment in harmony. No pesticides are needed to produce food.

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