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Organic Agriculture Courses in Los Monegros

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Organic Agriculture Courses in Los Monegros

The University of Zaragoza has organized three workshops in Los Monegros about: "Organic Agriculture", "Biodiversity and Water and Sustainability". The first of these courses will begin tomorrow in Sariñena and continue until Sunday in Leciñena. Besides, tomorrow, educational walk with a tasting of organic gardening products and introductory session to organic agriculture are scheduled.

On Sunday, the course will continue for rainfed farms in Leciñena. The highlight will be a workshop on the socio-economic benefits of organic agriculture and a lecture-discussion with teachers.

The workshops are in collaboration with the Shire of Los Monegros, the Association of Producers of organic food in Los Monegros, the Center for Agricultural Research and Technology of the Government of Aragon and faculty of the University of Zaragoza.

Courses are equipped with 8.5 credits for free election. The registrations have exceeded expectations and have had to expand to 26 seats for this course for students who have been on the waiting list.

Course about "Biodiversity" will be held on April 22nd and 23rd and "Water and Sustainability" will be on May 6th with a guided tour of the historic heritage of hydraulic Los Monegros.

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