Organic farming and sustainable development Ökologischer Landbau und nachhaltige Entwicklung Agricultura ecológica y desarrollo sostenible

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Organic farming and sustainable development

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Organic farming and sustainable development

"The future depends on organic farming," said Maria Isabel Salinas, general secretary for Rural and Ecological Production of the Andalusian. With this expression predicted the development of the coming years, as part of the XI Delivery Awards Andres Nunez de Prado to Research in Organic Agriculture.

Salinas explained further that "in a few years, a person that is not in organic farming will not be a farmer as the European Union (EU) will require" and that "the organic sector is not alien to the current difficulties economic crisis and has many challenges ahead such as the concentration of supply, as currently buy sell five thousand, hence shorter marketing channels are very important."

With regard to future market for organic products at European level, stated that "European consumers increasingly want something of higher quality and certainly organic products that are found in Andalusia."

The presentation was awarded the Andres Nunez de Prado to Research in Organic Production of this eleventh edition, which has been on Organic Farming in the Hills of Public Natural Park of Grazalema, plus a special mention to the work “Eficacia” to help soil with organic matter in the control of fusarium wilt of carnation on the northwest coast of Cadiz.

Momentum in Andalusia

Another issue that concerns the Andalusians is the momentum of Sustainable Development. And is that the General Director for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas, Jesus Casas, presented the guidelines of the Sustainable Rural Development Program 2010-2014. Casas said the promotion of the new plan in 2010 Program, a participatory planning effort unprecedented in Spain.

Along the lines of the program, Ontario will have a total budget of 399.9 million euros in the period 2010-2014 for the implementation of concerted actions to be included in Area Plans, corresponding to MARM financing 50 percent.

Andalusia Initially focus on the implementation of Agenda 11 in rural areas who have less favorable socioeconomic dynamics: Sierra de Filabres-Alhamilla (Almeria), the Acorns (Cadiz), and The High Guadiato Pedroches (Córdoba), Las Hoyas de Baza and Guadix (Granada), La Alpujarra (Almeria and Granada), Andévalo, mining basin, Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche (Huelva), the County and the Sierras de Segura and Cazorla (Jaén), Western Sierras ( Málaga) and the Sierra Morena area of Seville and the Vega Alta (Sevilla).

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3 Reviews about Organic farming and sustainable development
on 23/07/2014
Wow. This is so incredibly inspiring to hear. Here in the states, farming with pesticides, chemicals and GMO's are so strongly subsidized by the government that you can hardly afford to live off purely organic products. I'd say organic costs at least double what "convetional" farm products do. And yes...sustainable farming is an inevitable future for farming. Let's hope we get it together soon in the states!
on 30/06/2014
where can I find a schedule of the activities organized by those groups?
on 31/05/2013
Well, according to this, that money that the country gave them to improve the work related to natural and organic production is still being used for these meanings, I hope to see results as this one in other parts of the world, we need more implementation is environmental topics all over the world

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