Organic farmers of CAM in Bioculture 2005 Bio-Bauern in der CAM-Bioculture 2005 Agricultores ecológicos de la CAM en BioCultura 2005

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Organic farmers of CAM in Bioculture 2005

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Organic farmers of CAM in Bioculture 2005

Organic farmers in the Community of Madrid present their alternatives in Bioculture 2005

The Committee of Organic Agriculture of the Community of Madrid, will attend the 21th edition of Bioculture on November 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th in the Glass Pavilion of the Casa de Campo de Madrid. In this edition, the Autonomous Community of Madrid is the special guest.

The Stand has 18 producers and processors of organic products from the Community of Madrid and we can taste and buy their products.

With the collaboration of the Juglar stand, they will offer various recreational and educational activities, which introduce visitors to organic agriculture.

Similarly, there is an area enabled specifically for restoration which can taste all kinds of products developed and produced by environmental firms in the Community of Madrid: strawberries, oil, cocoa, yogurt, wine, bread, chocolates, meat, vegetables, legumes,... all that Chef Martin Goldman has in his imagination so that we can always try products differently.

The elements with which it has been has been produced in the facility are made with FSC wood, which ensures that comes from forests that are controlled in practice reforestation and exploitation studied and responsible.

The inauguration of the Fair will be held on November 4th, at 13:00 am in the booth of the Community of Madrid, where the Minister Hon. Mr. D. Fernando Merry del Vall submits the plan for the promotion of production of COMMUNITY OF MADRID 2005-2007, will also be a small review of "Organic routes by the Community of Madrid."

The book, produced by Miguel Angel APREC Steel Association (Professional producers and processors of organic products from the Community of Madrid) and edited by Juglar, will be presented on Monday, November 7th at 12:00 am in the booth for the Community of Madrid. The event will draw the Hon. Mr D. Luis Álvarez Sánchez, Director General of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Bioculture 2005

Bioculture gathers over 600 companies and organizations that offer to professionals and the public offers of consumer products and services that can guide us towards a responsible and respectful of the environment consumption and good for our health.

Organic agriculture and organic products can make our home a more natural and harmonious environment, clothing, shoes, hygiene products and natural cosmetics, crafts, music, tourism, are hosts to large segments this fair.

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1 Reviews about Organic farmers of CAM in Bioculture 2005
on 31/10/2014
I've been wondering about Spain's farmers for a while, because I have heard that Spain is taking extensive action in promoting organic agriculture in their entire country. The thing that strikes me as peculiar is that here in the US, "conventionally" grown products are waaay subsidized, making them much more affordable than the healthier, organic alternatives. I wonder if it is the same in Spain

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