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Organic Aquaculture in Huelva

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Organic Aquaculture in Huelva

The Association of Marine Aquaculture in Andalusia (ASEM) bet on the differentiation of aquaculture products through the introduction of quality brands, for the use of certified quality printing and the Andalusian by a commitment to organic production. This was said yesterday the president of ASEM, Juan Manuel García de Lomas, in their participation at the conference on “Marketing of fresh fish product" that have developed in the capital, organized by the Junta de Andalucía.

García Lomas addressed the marketing of aquaculture products, which has its own characteristics, such as the fact that "it is not necessary that the product passes through auction marketed through authorized places, or that there is a ensuring availability throughout the year to not be affected by periods of closure. "

In this regard, that "the marketing of aquaculture products is at an early stage, when it has achieved full guarantees from the management of production."

For his part, Head of Service of Administrative Management of the Fund Regulatory and Management of the products of fisheries and aquaculture (FROM), under the MAPA, Gabriel Ocaña, was who listed the projects developed by the agency. Among them were the improvement of quality in ground and aboard, and deployment of communication in commercial systems and labeling.

Ocaña emphasized the importance of working closely with the sector in securing the application of the procedures that have previously been tested in the test phase.

Also he stressed "the excellent Spain market enjoyed -37'2 pounds of fish consumed per capita per year, which is necessary to keep pace with the accelerating undertaken changes.”

The conference culminated with the holding of a roundtable discussion in which experts discussed the ways to market fresh fish.

Representatives of the Brotherhood of Fishermen Conil (Cádiz) advocated creating a collective mark for auction, while those in Denia (Alicante) presented an initiative introduced in this port in the concentration of all shipping in a group of companies to jointly manage the entire process of harvesting and marketing.

Finally, the National Federation of Employers Associations Provincial Product Details Pesqueros announced the launch of a common standard of quality retail establishments.

The days on fresh fish marketing organized by the Andalusian ended following a tackle during an intense session of the strategies to be followed to optimize the marketing of these goods, because of the experiences being implemented in different parts of Spain. More than a hundred experts attended the conference who have shared experiences and discussed issues such as the challenge of quality in production and improvement strategies in marketing.

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1 Reviews about Organic Aquaculture in Huelva
on 06/03/2014
When talking about the organic products that any country can have, we talk about resources, like trees, livestock, agriculture, but sometimes we forget about the source of the sea, and rivers, as the consumption of fish is so recommended in the healthy diet, we must help this sector to improve for the sake of consumers

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