Organic agricultural production System Ökologische landwirtschaftliche Produktion Sistema de Producción Agrícola Ecológico

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Organic agricultural production System

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Organic agricultural production System

The system of organic agricultural production involves taking a set of general criteria and techniques, we can summarize here:


It will have to take all necessary measures to avoid accidental contamination of the farm and its products, establishing, where necessary, appropriate mechanisms, establishing hedges windbreaks and field separators, and so on.

Species and crop varieties used

Should be chosen over those that are adapted to local conditions and have a high level of hardiness.

Seeds and vegetative reproductive material is used, in principle, must come from organic agriculture. Despite this, and because there's not many varieties of organic origin are available in the market, there is the possibility to use seeds that do not come from certified organic cultivation, and seed material preferably not treated with products not allowed in organic production.

To use non-organic seeds must be checked beforehand that the variety chosen is not available in the market and to request authorization from the certification authority and control (Catalonia Catalan Ecological Agricultural Production) for use conventional home.

To check whether the variety we want to use is available from certified organic origin, each member state has a database where you can see which species and varieties are available from organic origin, and who are their suppliers (you will find the link to the Spanish database at the bottom of this page).


It is to maintain or increase soil fertility potential long-term contributions in sufficient quantity of organic matter, carried out properly and in a timely manner. Fertilizer materials should have on-farm produce, or raw materials base of known origin and free of pesticide contamination of products, either because they come from organic farms, or because they have a fermentative process sufficient to degrade the possible content in contaminants. The mineral fertilization is seen as complementary to the organic, in order to achieve a proper balance between different nutrients. These mineral elements are applied in their natural form, without having undergone any chemical treatment for solubilization. Inputs of fertilizer will be managed properly to avoid adverse effects on health and quality of crops and the environment.

Control of pests and diseases

This control is based primarily on the use of cultural practices and preventive, which will increase the resilience and natural ability to self-cultivation. Also have to protect and promote natural enemies of pests and diseases. If despite all this it is necessary to apply treatments to combat the problems that may arise, use natural products that do not damage crops or the environment, avoiding the use of any class of synthetic chemical products.

Control adventitious (weeds)

Based on the use of cultural practices and preventive (rotations, sowing dates suitable land suitable jobs, etc.). To achieve a final level of adventitious that does not harm the economic performance standard. As fighting methods are used mainly mechanical systems (BINAS and weeding) and physical (superficial gas burners). You can also use treatments based on natural products, which do not harm the crop or the environment, avoiding any kind of synthetic chemical herbicides.

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3 Reviews about Organic agricultural production System
on 03/10/2014
This is a really good set of articles that you have here on organic agriculture and food production. I am really enjoying reading the tidbits of advice, information, and just conscious awareness that is taking place in these articles. Keep up the great work, and let's keep educating the public about sustainability and the creation of a better world.
on 01/06/2014
I want to print this and post it on my school, that's my way of changing the world
on 04/03/2014
Many farmers need to rely on the organic agriculture and in this way not only earn money for themselves and their families but helping the world to achieve a better system respecting the things that have not do any harm to us but have helped us to grow as humans and evolve in something better or that is what we think

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