Dye your hair with herbs and natural products Färben Sie Ihre Haare mit Kräutern und natürliche Produkte Teñir el pelo con hierbas y productos naturales

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Dye your hair with herbs and natural products

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Dye your hair with herbs and natural products

They say that men prefer blondes, and even though we know that this is not true, the temptation to have a clear, healthy and beautiful hair inspires many to dye it gold. We realize that happiness is not having the hair of one color or another, but playing with the colors and the look is a way to take the opportunity to explore different ways to look and feel.

So if dyeing your hair has been on your mind but certainly do not think it is good, or you can mistreat with strong chemical dyes, or it will be very difficult and expensive to maintain because the root is disturbed and will grow all the time, we will solve some questions for you to play around with the way you look without having to invest so much money and also looking after the health and beauty of your hair.

There's nothing like going to a professional to examine the color of your skin and guide you on what the best color to dye your hair. But if you want some quick tips before you dye it, consider the following tips:

  • Persons of Latin America or black or brown skin need to take into account the tone they want for their blond hair. The combinations might be not very harmonious. In this case, prefer coppery blond or brown tones, if the skin or hair is naturally very dark, we recommend lights in this way you will not have to worry very much.
  • If you have a clear dark skin tone, you either can try glimmer of coppery blond shades or lighter. For this, study the color of your eyes, if honey or olive color, the lighter tones can go wonderfully. If your eyes are black or dark brown, reddish or bronze glimmer will be perfect.
  • If you have light skin, try either blond or coppery tones, although you should note that if your skin is very white, a silver tone will make you look very pale. You can choose the shade of blonde that suits you.

General advice:

  • Avoid dyeing your hair 3 or 4 shades lighter that your natural hair because you can get results like unwanted orange tones. If you want to do this, no doubt need the help of a professional.
  • Remember each week - Apply a mask on your hair based on olive oil, avocado and egg yolk with a few drops of lemon. This will prevent your hair is dry and keep it healthy and lubricated.

So get to work:

You should note that the color you will get at the end depends on your natural color.

  • Using Henna: Henna is a dye made with a natural plant called henna, which is used to paint without ill-treat the hair with dyes as well as pharmacies. There are many colors to paint the hair, either red, brown, black or blond. To apply you need to make a powder mixed with water and apply on hair. If you want your hair is golden, you can mix water with chamomile, which is a natural hair rinse.
  • Chamomile for golden hair: the use of water of chamomile often clarifies a natural hair and does not need tinkering with dye. You can use chamomile shampoo or prepare yourself an infusion of chamomile and rinse your hair with water every time you shower.
  • Sage for gray hair: as well as walnut, sage is effective to cover the gray. Mix 20 grams of sage in a pint of pure water. Boil for an hour, strain and add a glass of brandy. Cover and store in a dark bottle. Rub your hair with this water every day.
  • Henna and garlic in pink, red or amber shades: what is best henna mixed with herbs such as rosemary and jojoba to help accentuate the effect. Cooked garlic with water helps to clarify your hair.
  • Walnut leaves to cover gray hair: rinsing hair with tea leaves of walnut is a good alternative to darken your hair or keep it black. The use of henna combined with an infusion of walnut leaves is very effective to give a clear tone brown hair.

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2 Reviews about Dye your hair with herbs and natural products
on 23/09/2014
I've never really been interested in dying my hair, I quite like my hair color as it is naturally. It's a deep, chestnut brown, very soft, but a friend of mine from work has very corse, curly hair, and she uses henna to get this really beautiful red shine to it. It looks great, she says she just has to be careful not to stain her skin with it.
on 29/07/2013
Amazing article, I mean, I have tried to change my appearance but my hair is pretty beautiful so I had to stop thinking on dyeing it because I do not want to damage it so now I can use one of those ways and change my look in an easy and healthy way so thank you very much now I just have to find the ingredients and voila!

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