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Operation Bikini

Summer and the holidays are near. At this time is when the sun is nearest to the skin and eyes, the looks to the slender and beautiful bodies. Thinking in not only wanting the eyes over your body but also a figure that makes you feel so comfortable and satisfied, we give you some great secrets to disappear, as far as possible, the swollen belly, and some tips from "bodily intelligence" that work fast to make it look as pretty or attractive as possible. First of all, you should know something about the importance of body language and the relationship to the abdomen.

Watch your posture

  • It is not very pleasing to see that even the body cannot only load itself. The position is the strongest language in the body, as it speaks a lot about you.
  • It is difficult to see someone with a strong and flat abdomen, curved. This is because the abdomen is the equilibrium point and the regulator of force and movement in the body. Dancers and gymnasts know that the abdomen is the main axis of force and dynamism.
  • Someone who moves with agility and flirtation, someone who looks lighter, is someone who certainly has the abdominal force and "skill".
  • If you feel you have a weak stomach, do not expect more, pay attention now, and monitor and correct your posture by tightening the abdomen and pulling back, you will be surprised how often "fallen". Contracted muscles of the abdomen when walking, when you run, when washing the dishes or studying. One day notice as the abdomen is missing.

Why do not you like to see some bodies? Because the bodies reflect a lot of us. It's hopeless that we all like to have strength, agility, skill and timing in a concentrated body, it is true that this is not something you buy as the bikini, and those who are born with almost the perfect body seem to be lucky. But never give your body be discouraged or disapprove any circumstances and love and accept it.

Do you want a flat stomach?

If you intend to do this willingly and insistently, in less than one month you will begin seeing results in your abdomen:

  • Remove the bread and all foods containing sugar and refined flour and any cakes, biscuits, fried foods, etc.
  • Eliminate soft drinks and milk animal.
  • Prefer vegetarian food.
  • Take at least three liters of water a day
  • Each time you exhale, put the abdomen to back slowly, so that you expel all the air in your lungs until you feel that you no longer have even a little space. Hang with the absence of air and abdomen made four or five seconds and then inhale again. Repeat this several times a day.
  • Eat foods with fiber, such as rye bread, raw vegetables and fruits. This will help eliminate the fat that may be living in your abdomen.
  • Whenever you can, try touching the tip of the feet without bending the legs, whether you are sitting on the floor or standing. Do it slowly at first and then go slightly to reach forcing increasingly, i.e. to touch your nose with your knees. This exercise is great for burning fat in the abdomen.
  • Stand with your legs and your arms stretched upward, then flex your body toward the left side, as if you wanted to touch the wall on that side with your hands. As much as you can, stretch the waist on one side and repeat the same thing on the right side. This exercise burns fat and strengthens the waist muscles.

Don’t forget to pack your confidence

When you're not satisfied with any part of your body, you must accept it and seek more ways to make you feel satisfied. Do things you love and not to please the demanding stereotypes that the markets bombard. There are bodies that have a certain anatomy that cannot be changed but with expensive surgery or strenuous exercise and stressful meetings diets, this while helping, does not guarantee is "ideal." Keep in mind always that:

  • Security is not given by the body, but you give it.
  • Beauty is not given by the body, but you give it.
  • Do not try to be what you are not and have much confidence in what you are. I have seen many couples on the beach of not so beautiful girls, with gorgeous men, and vice versa. Getting your confidence to be what one is simply, is one of the most attractive facts of human being. Now you go to the beach, do everything you can to look well, but do not forget above all, being confident and feeling great with what you are.

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2 Reviews about Operation Bikini
on 16/09/2014
I think confidence is huge, too. It is absolutely fundamental, because beyond giving you the confidence itself, it gives you the motivation you need to continue working out and making healthy choices. We all need confidence to succeed. Posture is huge too. Every day we sit, and if we could focus on that every time we sat, we could really improve our core strength.
on 11/11/2013
Being confident with your body has changed my life, and now I feel like a better person if I do not have the body I ever wanted, I was very upset about my body and now it is even easier to do exercise or follow a diet because I do the best I can for myself

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