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Onion: healing remedy and beauty secret

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Onion: healing remedy and beauty secret

Would you do anything to look younger and heal your body? Did you know that raw onion juice has potent medicinal and rejuvenating powers? The onion has been used since ancient times to treat all kinds of health problems, plus it is one of the beauty secrets of many people who have a skin rejuvenated, fresh and healthy, among other things.
If you feel your skin is dry and withered, your hair falls out, you have allergies, respiratory problems, digestive health, etc., please consider onion as one of your best friends.

Properties and benefits of onions:

  • It is rich in vitamins A, B1, C, E, the most powerful antioxidants out there.
  • Contains important minerals like calcium, magnesium, iodine, cobalt, copper, iron, bromine, phosphorus, chlorine, potassium, nickel, silicon, zinc, sulfur, so it is very important to keep the body well nourished, especially nervous system and bones.
  • Possesses volatile essences which we perceive while cutting it and that’s why we cry.
  • It is rich in folic acid.
  • Cures blood and returns the pH (acidity) level, onion destroys harmful acids that accumulate in the blood and indigestion caused by excessive or very strong flavored foods and alcohols formed by food incompatibilities.
  • It is tonic.
  • Has potent diuretic and cleansing properties, helps clean blood and guts and fights almost all infections and diseases caused by toxemia.
  • Has high microbicidal properties which help fight germs and obliterate them. For this property the onion is considered one of the best alternatives to cure infectious diseases, from colds and flus to infections of skin, bladder, kidney, etc.
  • For all the above properties, onion is one of the most effective and powerful remedies to treat pimples, acne, boils, blackheads, withered skin.
  • Great effect to treat sore throat, dry throat, inflamed, hoarseness, etc.., plus it clears lungs and helps remove phlegm.
  • It lowers inflammation of intestines, skin, joints (arthritis), etc.
  • Used to treat diseases such as: rheumatism, smallpox, typhus, measles, scarlet fever, hepatitis, herpes, hoarseness, constipation, intestinal worms or parasites, diverticulitis, etc..
  • Helps treat eye problems such as conjunctivitis, red eyes, dull eyes, etc.

How to benefit from the onion?

The best way is to eat it raw, either in salads or juices or apply as mentioned below:

For skin problems: Spread the onion juice on your skin, for this, stir in a tablespoon of plain yogurt and half onion juice. Spread on your skin or where you have acne, pimples, or even warts.

Healing onion juice: in a glass of fresh carrot juice, add half onion juice and drink immediately. Another way to make onion juice is extract it and add the juice of two or three lemons and take this as in cases of cough, flu, hoarseness, etc..

In salad: ideal for curing arthritis, respiratory problems, skin, etc.. Prepare with raw lettuce and radish, seasoned with lemon, olive oil and extra virgin soy sauce, a salad super nutritious and medicinal.

Facial massage with onion juice: Make a mixture of onion juice with aloe gel and get a massage with your fingertips all over your face. Wash and see if you repeat this two or three times a week, your skin will look rejuvenated markedly.

To combat sore throat and cough: it is recommended to take 1 onion juice with the juice of two lemons and honey 100% pure. Mix well and take two or three tablespoons every 4 hours.


The onion can cause gas, but it is really good.

General note: try buying fresh onions, and do not keep them in the refrigerator, you should avoid direct sunlight or very hot or humid places, it's best to store it in a dry, shaded place.

About onion

Onions belong to the lily family, the same family that owns the garlic, leeks, etc. This plant is an underground bulb colored white, yellow, red, purple, etc. It has green and round branches, hollow inside. It is cultivated in all countries of the Mediterranean, grows in temperate climates and low humidity, the white onion is harvested in late June, and onions in another color in late August.

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4 Reviews about Onion: healing remedy and beauty secret
on 10/09/2014
Haha, I didn't know that onions cause gas. I eat a lot of onions (always cooked), and I do think I'm a little gassier than most. But other than that, it does sound like onions, for the most part, are an integral part to a healthy diet and a happy body. I know in ayurveda they consider garlic, onions, and ginger to be the triad of health. Thanks for the article!
on 13/06/2014
I personally don't understand why many people (or people around me, at least) hate onion that much! I would eat it with almost any food. I am aware that the breath might be a problem, but it has so many amazing properties that nobody should discard onions from their diets. My mom used to say that if you rub a cut onion on a bald head, hair would grow. I'm not sure if onions can work that sort of magic too!
on 12/06/2014
My mom use to give me onion to prevent sore throat. She told me that it was grandma secrets, and it really works. I prefer natural medicine because it really works and it doesn't harm other parts of the body.
on 26/02/2013
My mother used to told me that onions has amazing healing properties but I wans?t sure of that, that?s why I?m investigating about it, because I have many respiratory problems and maybe I could find the solution In this plant, I?m to try the juices, I hope the taste is not very rare.

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