One study showed that Organic Tomatoes are healthier Eine Studie ergab, dass Bio-Tomaten gesünder sind Un estudio demuestra que los tomates bio son más sanos

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One study showed that Organic Tomatoes are healthier

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One study showed that Organic Tomatoes are healthier

An American study, which compares the organic tomatoes with the conventional, has concluded that the biological variation presents considerable advantages in the aspect of health. The study, conducted over ten years and published in 'Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry', shows that the proportion of flavonoids was 97% higher when tomatoes were grown in biological soil and reduced doses of fertilizers.

The analysis, led by Alyson Mitchell, a professor in toxicology and food chemistry at the University of California, and recently picked up by the press, is based on a comparison between the two types of tomatoes to over ten years. The study levels of flavonoids kaempferol and quercetin were between 79 and 97 percent higher in organic tomatoes in comparison with traditional crops. Other studies of this kind carried out previously with wheat and carrots showed no differences between organic agriculture and traditional form. In this study, however, researchers have used data from a long term project in which standardized farming techniques were used. According to Mitchell, the findings are based on the availability of nitrogen.

The flavoniodes or vegetable pigments are bioflavoniodes with no nitrogen, whose function seems to be to attract pollinators to the plant. But also, now they show that the flavonoids are also a type of antioxidant, among other things capable of eliminating free radicals and prevent the damaging effects of exercise on our body. They have a tonic effect on the heart, protecting the liver and stomach, and many of them have been shown to be effective in the treatment of cancer processes.

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2 Reviews about One study showed that Organic Tomatoes are healthier
on 22/10/2014
Of course organic tomatoes are healthier than ones that are grown with pesticides!! I thought we had all already agreed on that...haha. But seriously, yes, organic produce is always much healthier. And even healthier than organic is heirloom...and grown fresh from the garden. Nothing beats it!
on 10/11/2013
There should be more studies that reveal the importance of the consumption of organic foods instead of the normal ones, just hearing at the word organic you believe that this is healthier, but people should know why this happens to truly change their daily dietary habits

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