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First cold-pressure oils: benefits and obtaining

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First cold-pressure oils: benefits and obtaining

People speak of the great advantages of the oils cold-pressed but don’t always know why they are so healthy. However, the advantages of oils obtained first pressure are greater than the refined oils and you should pay attention the next time you choke an oil as they are labeled with "first cold-pressed".

How do first cold-pressure oils are made?

These oils are obtained by either mechanical pressure of the seeds, fruits or grains, which is decanted and filtered.
When the oil is refined too much, i.e., processed or refined, it becomes a purified fatty substance, which can be kept and be nice, but does not contain flavor, nutrients and therapeutic or curative value.

Advantages of first cold-pressure oils:

  • Oil retains all its vitamins and provides the body with elements such as fatty acids.
  • They are rich in vitamin F, which is essential for intestinal function because it acts as a tonic for the mucous layer of the intestine, as well as helping to combat a long list of diseases.
  • High in phytosterols, i.e. active substances.
  • They are used with great success to achieve therapeutic functions, whether in treatments where the oil is applied externally or consumed in treatments with adequate doses.

Examples of cold-pressed oils and their particular advantages:

Besides from properties that all cold-pressed oils have, each oil contains very special contributions depending on the seed, fruit or grain that is used in its preparation. Here are some first-pressure oil and their special qualities:

Sesame oil: with high antioxidant properties, it retards cellular aging and strengthens the cell reproduction and good performance, prevents fat from accumulating in the artery walls, stimulates the hepatic formation of good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol, in addition to benefits of good circulation. Good in treatments for atherosclerosis, arterial thrombosis and helps reduce the risk of myocardial infarction.

Olive oil: helps to assimilate vitamins A, D and K, rich in essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce. Rich source of antioxidants, benefits the liver, ideal to regular bowel and aphrodisiac properties. Rich in vitamin E, good treating dry skin or damaged by the environment.

Almond Oil: great for the skin, combat stretch marks, has emollient, moisturizing properties and a good inflammatory. Combined with Rosehip Oil is ideal to combat wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. and givesshine and softness to the hair. Has laxative effects.

Evening Primrose Oil: rich in essential fatty acids Omega-6 (polyunsaturated linoleic acid, 70% gamma-linolenic acid and 10%), among other things good for the smooth functioning and stability of the membranes of body cells, helps the nervous system and hormonal, as well as the regulation of coagulation.

Soybean oil: high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (62%) and monounsaturated fatty acids (16%). Helps protect the cardiovascular system because it has high content of omega 3 and omega 6. Protects the nervous system, reduces bad cholesterol and counteracts the effects of menopause, as it is rich in isoflavones. Rich in vitamin E and vitamin A, so it is recommended to treat skin problems.

How to recognize a first cold-pressure oil?

  • It is on a dark or inked container to protect the oil from light and that it retains all its nutritional properties.
  • The price of these oils is greater than the refined oil, however, paying the difference is worth as they have enormous health benefits.
  • Each time you go to buy either olive oil, evening primrose or sesame, check that the package contains the words "first cold pressing", and is preferably of biological origin. Do not go with the idea that "Extra virgin" or "Virgin" guarantees that have been collected from the first cold pressing. It is called virgin oil the one has been obtained by physical or mechanical (centrifugation and pressure so the olive paste, for olive oil). Therefore, the juice of the olive, in this example is that designation.
  • Avoid the oils that ensure a smooth or purified taste, as they surely are very refined.
  • Oils used for cooking at home are typically 90% refined, have been subjected to high temperatures to get more oil extract, in addition to which are added preservatives. These heated oils are actually very harmful to health in general. If you use them, try to never reuse.

How to use first press oils in the kitchen?

You can use them for salads, dips, dressings, butters, soups, meats, spread on bread, etc. You should try to always consume raw, not heated, so you can have all the benefits.

How to conserve?

If you purchase an oil first cold pressed, look for a place away from sunlight, should be either cool, dry place. Sunlight may accelerate its expiration and may also cause their nutritional breakdown.

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2 Reviews about First cold-pressure oils: benefits and obtaining
on 13/12/2014
Hey thanks so much! I've seen a lot of times in the stores the words like "cold pressed", "extra virgin", and I haven't really understood what they meant, or why one was better than the other, unti lreading this article! Great detail, very insightful, thanks so much for the information!
on 09/03/2013
My family doesn?t understand that this type of natural oils are a lot way better than the regular oils and they just think in the price, while they don?t see that in a long time, these will seriously affect their bodies and more, so I?m going to show them this article and see if they think a little about this, since changing this small habit can help a lot in general

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