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Oats for weight loss

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Oats for weight loss

Do you want to lose those extra kilos? Are you morbidly obese? Do you have rolls of fat in the abdomen and back? Do you have health problems? Then oats can become one of your best friends if you learn to consume them in a medicinal and curative way. Oatmeal is a great alternative with properties for health and beauty; you can use it on a special diet and take advantage of all its properties.

Oatmeal Diet is a natural alternative where food is used curatively, considering the features and benefits of oats and its proper use. This natural diet is, like other natural diets, out of chemicals, pills, etc. It doesn’t only eliminate excess weight, but heals deeply body, nourishes and helps repair itself, strengthening weakened organs and systems of the body and restoring energy, vitality.

Why oats are good for weight loss and to restore health? Because it has beneficial sufficient properties for this purpose, as mentioned here:

Properties of oats to lose weight

  • It is rich in fiber, which really helps bowel movement and helps eliminate toxins and harmful excess fat that clog the body and cause overweight.
  • It contains a large amount of minerals such as iron, sodium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, etc., which helps to nourish the body and maintain tissues.
  • It is a great natural alternative to help absorb and remove harmful cholesterol, excess water and toxins, due to its soluble fiber.
  • It contains large amount of Omega 6 and linoleic acid (almost 35%) which helps cleanse the blood of triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • It helps raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL) levels, which helps to decongest the veins and reduce weight. It does not allow the accumulation of excess cholesterol on the artery walls, preventing the formation of atheromas (responsible for arterial blockage).
  • It promotes feelings of fullness, which helps allay excessive or uncontrolled hunger.

How to include oats in your diet?

The first thing you should keep in mind is to include oats in your diet is that it has the great advantage of giving lasting results, so the diet requires a little patience. However, if you follow exactly the directions, you can speed up the process and start seeing results very soon; in fact you'd be surprised what oats can do for you.

Before you start

Get organic oats to keep all of its properties. You should be aware that if you abuse the consumption of oats, this may have effects such as gas, bloating or diarrhea, and other minor symptoms. This diet is designed to avoid these symptoms, however, if you feel any of them, try to continue with the diet, because often these reactions such as diarrhea, for example, are the deep cleansing effect.

Consider also that if you combine this diet with physical exercise (at least half an hour each day) you will burn fat more easily and more toxins will be removed sharply, resulting in faster results.

Start a diet with oats

Choose the day very carefully and think that nothing will stop you, and you have to accept to remove from your diet for a while these products:

Sugar and refined flour and all its derivatives (such as cookies, breads, sodas, cakes, soft drinks, canned drinks, processed, etc.), as well as animal meats, fried foods and cow's milk and derivatives.

Thereupon, follow these indictions:

  • The night before starting the diet, soak a cup of oatmeal in two cups of pure cold water in a covered container.
  • The next day, strain the water very well squeezing oats with a slotted spoon (reserve soaked oats).
  • Drink a cup of warm oatmeal water while fasting, taking 2 tablespoons of olive oil along with it. Do it before eight o'clock.
  • Wait half an hour and then choose a fruit for breakfast: pineapple, grapes or papaya. Eat the fruit alone, one dish is enough. And do not eat anything else until 3 hours have passed. Drink, 2 glasses of pure water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in each glass.
  • Then you can have lunch whatever you like, avoiding the products mentioned before. Ideally, at this time are vegetable soups, sandwiches, vegetarian food, etc. Join the lunch with a glass of warm oatmeal water.
  • After this lunch, wait an hour and then, do a smoothie with half the soaked oats, soy milk and three almonds.
  • Wait 2 hours after taking this shake, then anything you like: vegetable soup, brown rice, fish, etc.
  • In the afternoon, prepare another liquid with a glass of water, remaining soaked oats and some fruit such as apple, pear, etc. If you want to sweeten, just do it with some pure honey.
  • At dinner, prepare something light like apples sprinkled with raw oats and honey. If you feel like something salty, eat a whole grain toast with tomatoes and dry buttermilk.

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5 Reviews about Oats for weight loss
on 24/04/2015
If you use a nutribullet or a good blender, you can make your whole oats into flour that can be used in the same way as reg flour , except add a little baking powder. Such as oat flour pancakes, oat flour chock chip cookies etc. therefore, eating different foods instead of plain bowls of oatmeal, but still getting the health properties of oatmeal.
With any diet, be careful with calories!

on 22/04/2015
I started this diet in January of this year. I was determined to lose this 35 pounds extra I had packed on over the last 12 years.

I started with regular cut oats and adding zero calorie spray butter with stevia. It was good but I found it was so boring to eat it 3 to 4 times a day that I started adding nuts and fruits and before I knew it one bowl was like 400 calories and higher carbs. But oddly I was losing weight suddenly....and I was never hungry at all. I was amazed.

In January I lost 10 pounds with ease. No exercise and sticking to only oatmeal the entire month. But by months end I was oatmealed out...

In February I decided to start eating some different foods again but keeping the oatmeal as breakfast and lunch staple food. I still lost weight but it was slower once I started eating meats and different healthy foods in the evening as a large dinner. I was frustrated because in January I was losing fast but now it slowed down a bit...my doctor suggested I start taking psyllium husk fiber with each meal and to try oatmeal water or oatmeal smoothies in between meals so I did at end of that month. I lost 5 pounds in February.

In March I used oatmeal smoothies and healthy dinners and had instant oatmeal packs instead of cut raw oats. They came in a ton of flavors and I found they were so delicious I didn't have to add anything and all the packets were nutritionally broken down on the box so I knew exactly what I was taking in. I was and still am not hungry much anymore. My craving g for sweets is almost gone. My cravings in general are gone. Between all my fiber pills mixed with oatmeal during the day with meat and potato or vegetables at night I feel better then I ever have. My stomach is getting flatter and I'm down 3 Jean sizes. I still can't believe it. Who knew. Oatmeal!!! I lost 6 pounds in March.

It's now April 22nd 2015. My weight stalled and seemed to plateau out a bit which is normal so my doctor states. So in the first couple weeks this month I started eating nothing but 6 packs of instant oatmeal with oatmeal smoothies in between as a snack with a tad of some fruit in them. I stuck to that for the first week and lost 2 pounds. Then I started using meats and vegies again but I swapped out for a large lunch instead of a large dinner. Then I started days of oatmeal only followed by a day of meats and vegies with only oatmeal smoothies as snacks. I mixed it up and I'm still mixing it up so my body doesn't get used to any one pattern. Today I'm officially down 25.5 pounds since January 1st!!!

Oatmeal killed my cravibgs. Killed my hunger. Eats my body fat slowly and flattened my stomach. My skin and nails and hair look fabulous. People tell me I look healthier then I ever have. I'm truly so thankful I discovered oatmeal. It has changed my life. I will always eat oatmeal now. It does not matter what kind or how you eat it....although the instant packs are higher in sugar and fat but they still work. I tried every diet known to man on earth and could not stick to any of them. This is easy. Just count your calories and watch your bad carbs and drink lots of water and take multi vitamins and get minimum 20 grams of fiber into your body a day and your guaranteed to drop pounds.

I'm not here to say you can live on only oatmeal forever. It's impractical. But if you use it as your main food source and work other foods around it during the day you'll eat way less and you'll not be hungry. It's amazing.

Good luck!!!

I still have 10 more pounds to go to reach my goal...but with oatmeal I'm comfortable and not hungry. Makes the days go alot easier that's for sure!

on 01/10/2014
Am thinking of starting this diet but I'll like to know for how long I should be doing this ? Days?weeks?
on 09/07/2014
Oats are a great step, and I'm definitely glad you wrote this article. But there's a lot more involved in weight loss and being healthy than just eating one or two special foods. It's a whole paradigm involved around ways to live, ways to eat. Eating is such a natural experience. The fact that we have to "think" about it so much goes to show just how skewed our relationship is with food and our bodies. A healthy dose of diet and exercise. That's all it is.
on 02/01/2013
I was just searching about this diet, and this information results very helpful for me. I?m going to try to include more oats in my meals to start and get used to the flavor, I don?t know why but I don?t really like the taste. Anyway I want to improve my shape so I?m going to try for sure!

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