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Ara: School of Natural Therapies

College of Natural Therapies ARA was founded in 2001 with the idea of integrated therapeutically health living as an avenue for personal growth. The main idea is that the health at the physical level, and awareness at the transcendental level, is the result of balance of body, mind, energy and spirit.

The School comprises:

  • a formative in manual and natural therapy
  • an area of personal training of the therapist
  • an area of individual therapy to anyone who needs it.

The philosophy of School is inspired by the principles of Maestro José Marcelli : "Health and human consciousness in the transcendental".

The purpose is not only therapeutically skilled, motivated individuals but to develop the awareness and its potential at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The real therapeutic integral training begins at home, whatever the therapeutic technique with which we identify.


The school has facilities in Igualada : C / Cardenal Vives 1, 1er 2a - 08700; andBarcelona : C / Casanova, 46, 4 º 2 ª - 08011 .


  • Angel Sanromà homoeopath. Chiropractor. Naturopath. Gestalt Therapist
  • Maria Teresa Moncunill , Professor of yoga. Therapeutic theater. Leading groups
  • María José Soto, Social education.


  • Conflict Management
  • Osteopathy Cranio-Sacral
  • Growth
  • Chiropractic
  • Bach flowers and AIM and Archetypes Applied Kinesiology and holistic
  • Reflexology
  • Chiromassage
  • Holiday Light


  • Bach Flowers
  • Map
  • Meditation
  • Osteopathy Cranio-Sacral
  • Naturopathy
  • Reflexology
  • Chiropractic
  • Chiromassage
  • Psicoterapia Gestalt
  • Therapy of the Soul
  • Kinesiology
  • Homeopathy 

Within the topic "Health and human consciousness in the transcendental "are inserted Homeopathic therapy and Soul Therapy , as described below.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medical science with its healing in the law of similarity The most appropriate remedy to cure a disease is that substance which, administered to healthy individuals, produces the same symptoms that the patient seeks to cure.

Other homeopathic laws tell us how to administer the medication can be: a drug administered in infinitesimally small doses can cure the disease that generates the same product administered in high doses. For example, the symptoms produced by the poison of a snake can be cured if given the same poison dose diluted and energized infinitesimally small and empowered under the rules of the homeopathic pharmacopoeia. The medicinal substance can be subjected to a process of dilution to make it more friendly and more powerful to be used as a homeopathic remedy.

There are different aspects of production of homeopathic medicines: centesimal scale, and the decimal cincuentamilesimal, among others. And each with its own characteristics: some more suitable for acute physical illnesses, some for more chronic problems.

To homeopathy is not as important to diagnose a disease like the attentive observation all symptoms of the patient as an all the diseases only appear as the result of imbalance in the vital energy of the individual.

Homeopathy puts much attention to the mental symptoms, which usually have the most influence on the physical body and also the symptoms as cold, heat, sweat, dreams, desires and dislikes for food, etc.. Sometimes people suffer from symptoms, usually in the form of sensations, which are very valuable to prescribe correct and have no value to allopathy (conventional medicine).

Ultimately, through intense study of all the patient's symptoms, the homoeopath generate an overall picture of the situation of the person and administer the medicine that is closest to the picture, which can improve the health of the person and consequently restore health.

Homeopathy is a science that is based on the recognition of body's innate ability to remain in balance, because of the life force that governs our functions and reacts automatically to the front external aggression in order to restore health. The life force we possess all the living beings and represent the healing capacity of nature itself. Homeopathy works in favor of the body, and not against symptoms.

This medical science is effective on most physical and mental illness , and has the advantage, compared to allopathic medicine, of being absent and free of any side effects. It is very suitable for children, adults or the elderly, very useful for acute and chronic diseases that have not achieved with other therapies to prevent relapse and for all skin problems, allergies, etc.

All homeopathic medicines have been pre-tested for use in humans, healthy, and have been thoroughly compiled the symptoms, which were prescribed to help us.

In homeopathy, drugs are more than three thousand of the world from plant, animal, mineral and human , but most are far less common today, and fortunately can be found at any pharmacy.

One question frequently become interested in science: In Homeopathy it is better to take a single drug or combined with others at the same time? And the answer is: Try to listen to two songs at once and you'll have the answer.

Therapy of the Soul

The Therapy of the Soul , also called Hologram Therapy is an experience and a reunion with yourself . It's a nice therapy, in which there is dialogue, contact and silence.

Working with floral elixirs or AIM Bach is a small part of the therapy. Contact, a hug, or just feeling understood makes us realize that we are not alone, is always more powerful than any medicine, especially when the pain is in the soul.

When this therapy is appropriate?

When the conflict is in the mood: feeling of emptiness inside, a lack of interest in the present circumstances, not finding the meaning of things or life, confusion inside, and so on.

There are times when we have the feeling that we survive instead of living , that we react to things more immediate, lost, without direction, other times we feel we can achieve much more or we must change something in our lives, and we do not.

Sometimes we feel deeply depressed, sad or absent, sometimes even for us to forgive, or just victims of fears and phobias or trauma with no logic to justify this.

All these situations and no doubt many more, can make our lives a burden hard to bear. This suggests that we should resist another day and another and another. Situations are far from what we consider happiness, enthusiasm and zest for life, inner motivation, desire to play, be merry without sense or feeling in love with life.

The negative mind problems are everywhere. The positive mind provides solutions each time.

Healing occurs in the physical body, healing happens in the soul.

Bach flowers has a field of action in the physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual, and they certainly can help you make a change in attitude in that you live as a problem. Although the job is yours, the elixir provides a valuable aid in the process of change and assimilation of experience. There is no question of removing the symptom, but it tells us to understand and resolve it, then disappear.

ARA, school textbooks and natural therapies 
Igualada Barcelona

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1 Reviews about Ara: School of Natural Therapies
on 02/07/2015
Wow, it's just really so great to see schools like this popping up all over the place, it realy warms my heart. It makes me realize that the world as a whole is starting see health as an actual condition, rather than just addressing the disease after it has appeared.

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