Nutritional Guide to regenerate myelin and maintain a healthy brain Ernährungs-Guide um Myelin zu regenerieren und und das Gehirn zu nähren Guía nutricional para regenerar mielina y nutrir cerebro

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Nutritional Guide to regenerate myelin and maintain a healthy brain

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Nutritional Guide to regenerate myelin and maintain a healthy brain

Myelin is a lipoprotein that is found in the body of vertebrates and which covers the stem of the neurons or nerve cells, so its function is being the transmission and routing of electrical nerve impulses or send and receive messages of any kind to the body. When myelin is lost or damaged, nerve impulses are slowed down (slows down the process of the nervous system) or fail to be transmitted, can cause a short circuit in the conduction of nerve impulses that can cause nervous system dysfunction creating sensory deficits as blurred vision, poor coordination and identification of handedness, difficulty walking, go to the bathroom very often (due to insufficient control of sphincters), paralysis, etc.

Multiple sclerosis is the more common demyelinating disease, this disease attacks the central nervous system and myelin generating phases of remission (or shoots), and whose symptoms include any combination of partial blindness (blurring or gray vision), spastic paraparesis, unsteady gait, dizziness, diplopia, and incontinence.

To care, prevent and heal the smooth transmission and conduction of the nervous system, is essential that myelin gets produced properly, and for this, is essential to maintain a diet with those nutrients required for good production and regeneration.

Food that damages the myelin and nervous system functions:

  • Harmful or saturated fats: avoid at all costs as fried sausages, maximally reduce red meat, cow's milk and derivatives.
  • Refined sugar: This fast-absorbing carbohydrate is one of the strongest irritants of the nervous system; it deteriorates and eventually produces a host of conditions. Do all your effort to avoid sodas, processed foods, pastries and sweets, ketchup and anything that contains it.

Foods that nourish and repair the myelin:

  • Supplements and vitamins: you should take food supplements rich in folic acid and vitamin B12, vitamin essential for the protection of the nervous system and adequate repair of myelin, as well as help prevent damage. Research has confirmed that people with multiple sclerosis and who included folic acid treatment in their diets with significantly improved both the symptoms and the repair of myelin.
  • Folic acid: essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Foods that contain it are whole grains. .
  • Green tea and anti-inflammatory herbs and vegetables: to protect the myelin sheath, is necessary to reduce inflammation in the body, which is the mainstay of treatment for multiple sclerosis. Green tea, white willow, lemon tea or citrus, devil's claw, as well as vitamin C and D, should not miss in your diet.
  • Vitamin C: it is a great debugger, inflammatory and potent antioxidant; it is certainly recommended to keep the body with an immune system in good condition, free of body fat and toxins to help reduce inflammation. All this is necessary to make the nervous system work properly and the myelin gets well protected. Vitamin C can be found in foods such as citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, etc.), broccoli, seaweed, guava, etc.
  • Essential fatty acids: should be included in the daily diet; they are essential for the production and maintenance of myelin sheaths, which are composed mainly of oleic acid. Did you know that your brain is made of 60 percent fat? But good fats like fat omega-3 and omega-6.
  • Oleic acid: Olives are a rich source of this essential amino acid, an omega-6 is also found in fish, chicken, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil and seeds.
  • Omega-3: deep-sea fish contain good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which are involved in brain function by improving nerve impulse transmission, as well as to help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Vitamin A and D: are extra supports for the immune system to be in good condition and assist in recovery of myelin damage in case of demyelinating diseases. Orange vegetables such as papaya, oranges, carrots, etc., are rich in vitamin A, and cod liver oil is a good source of vitamin A, D and essential fatty acids. Vitamin D has been one of the best options to reduce the risk of demyelination and multiple sclerosis significantly.
  • Amino Acids: are essential for the transmission of brain messages; they are the bricks with which proteins are constructed to improve communication skills within the brain. We recommend you include in your diet amaranth (contains all essential amino acids your body needs), brewer's yeast, seaweed and spirulina (which is also rich in minerals and vitamins).
  • Fruits: fruit sugar is an elixir for the brain. Consume 3 or 4 pieces of fruit a day, but avoid combining them with other foods. Blueberries and grapes are great to eat between meals instead of candy.


  • You need to balance your blood glucose, including in your diet foods high in carbohydrates of slowly release as whole grains, vegetables, etc. These are the best fuel for the brain and nervous system, are not toxic substances in the body and release their energy in a slow and steady way.
  • Drink plenty of water: Did you know that water is a better conductor of electrical impulse? So in your diet should not miss at least 2 liters of pure water per day.
  • Avoid cooking too much rich foods: as they lose many of their natural nutrients. Try to eat raw as possible.
  • Seeds: Seeds are a super food for all functions of the nervous system.
  • Do not forget to exercise: which stimulates a strong influence in general body functions, helps the brain to be well oxygenated and releases tension. Try to choose an activity you enjoy a lot, because when you enjoy your brain secretes hormones that cause joy and welfare states, which helps greatly to stimulate the neural connections.

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21 Reviews about Nutritional Guide to regenerate myelin and maintain a healthy brain
on 11/09/2016
Simply amazing article! Now we know all pros and cons of the form.
on 19/10/2015
The article contains very good information, that can easily be put into practice.
on 13/04/2015
This is full of dangerous information. Primal eating and following somebody like Dr. Terry Wahls is going to help those with MS 100 times more than this very mislead person's article.
Please, for the love of God, don't stop eating meat and don't seek out grains or folic acid. Folic acid is dangerous for many people. If you're seeking folate, then make sure it's not part of processed foods, and that it's in a supplement that's already broken down into something your body can use. I have MS and I'm doing awesome on a paleo diet. Eat real, nutrient-dense food.

PLEASE find a better source for your diet advice than this "article".

on 06/02/2015
Very interesting article!

I totally agree with everyone's negative comments pertaining to readability of this article; a simple proof-read or copy edit job would do wonders for its credibility. However, despite the errors, the actual information here is quality stuff. I've suffered tinnitus most of my life, and am very keen to try add some of these suggestions to my daily regime to see.if they help! If so, thanks in advance to the author.

on 05/02/2015
Jim, you made two typos in your first sentence! Credibility? The article was very helpful for me.
on 31/01/2015
If I drank 2 liters of water (or drinks containing water) every day I would have to visit every other tree on our golf course on the days I play. Otherwise I'd have to live in the bathroom.
on 15/02/2017
That's usually because if you haven't been used to drinking a lot of water, your bladder at first will urinate many times, but once you saturate your bladder (like soaking a sponge), it will hold the water longer so it (water) will have a chance to get to where its needed in the body. That's what happened to me when at first I was trying to drink more water, but then not too many days after that, my bladder was saturated with it so I didn't urinate all the time:).
on 07/11/2014
"Oleic acid: Olives are a rich source of this essential amino acid, an omega-6 is also found in fish, chicken, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil and seeds."

1.) This is not an essential amino acid.
2.) Oleic acid is a omega-9 fatty acid

Know what you mean but watch the spell check. Wowza..

on 15/03/2015
2) ... is "an" omega-9 fatty acid.

If you want to be that guy.

on 11/10/2014
It is a little difficult to understand, but it is good information. The more I read about sugar, the more I realize that 1) it really is included in just about everything nowadays, and 2) it really is absolutely terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if sugar were the number one causes of cancer, which is probably one of that most fatal diseases in the world right now.
on 29/02/2016
You are absolutely right...without sugar cancer cannot survive. This one message to cancer patients could be the best advice an oncologist could give but they won't...there's no money in it!
on 06/08/2014
Wonderful n highly informative. It has given me hope that my dear one who is suffering from demyelination can be helped through proper food. I also read one Dr' s report on the same subject and how his MS helped her come back from wheel chair on to her feet, she has also written that right balanced nutritious food reaching to mitochondria help you improve the mylein sheath ultimately. I loved d Rticle ,don't worry on the typos etc. only the wearer knows were the shoe pinches
on 26/01/2016
It was a good article as it is a new hope for me. I m every worried for my son he is diagnosed with demylination doctors says it could not be cured I was very much depressed. I said your dear one is suffering for demylination, its almost more then a year I m replying to your comment but I really want to know how is your loved one's now is he better? Does these foods really helped you. Waiting for your answer
on 15/11/2013
I have read the article. It was quite informative. To those individuals with negative comments. You should at least acknowledge the writer's effort to educate you. What have you contributed? negativity!
on 28/03/2013
Bottom line is hope and good Nutrition , if you had MS , typo's wooooD Bee thee least of your worries ~
on 26/09/2014
Exactly. Are they trying to rebuild their myelin and nervous system or are they writing a thesis paper. If have found good information on the subject please share
on 30/01/2013
It?s our responsibility to take care of our health, especially our brain which is so important for all the functions of the entire body. I find this article very impressive even for people who don?t have this disease, as we can learn a lot of mental health in this way, thanks a lot.
on 05/11/2012
This article barely makes any sense. Typos, bad grammar, and just plain nonsense needs to be corrected. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so annoying.
on 17/03/2014
"This article barely makes any sense. Typos, bad grammar, and just plain nonsense needs to be corrected. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so annoying." ?Lori

Mental diarrhea much, Lori?

on 26/06/2012
Who wrote this? I'm haveing a hard time takeing the information credibly when it is filled with so many typos. It almsot looks like some of the sentences were just yanked from other publications and randomly thrown in the article. Here is an example:
"harmful or saturated fats: avoid at all costs as fried sausages maximally reduces red meat and cow's milk and derivatives."

It almost seems like the article was translated from another language.

on 19/11/2014
I think what she was trying to say is that meats SUCH as fried sausages, you need to maximally reduce red meat, cow's milk and derivatives. the trick is to learn how to read WITHIIN the sentence that was written. not that hard if one looks hard enough.

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