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Nursing home in Galicia: La Casa de Alba

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Nursing home in Galicia: La Casa de Alba

Family's house is delighted to welcome the dawn. We have an experience of over 10 years to serve. We and the children live to one hundred meters from the main house, another small house. In your stay you can enjoy the silence or our company. Typically we become good friends and this place has a friendly atmosphere and coexistence among people living at home.

A place to relax, find nature, your life, your health, your inner peace. Family and warm atmosphere, an open, respectful and simple human place.

Wooden building, 800 m² built under the rules of bio-building and Feng Shui.

It consists of 16 rooms, 8 bathrooms, 3 lounges, 18, 21 and 40 m² and dining. The rooms are double (12 m²), simple (9 m²) and quadruple (21 m²) 5 rooms with double bed, you can add an extra bed for child, the remaining 90 beds and bunk beds. With a total capacity of 40 person.

  • Heating and hot water plentiful.
  • Living room with cozy fireplace.
  • Children will be well received.
  • We accept pets.
  • Access for the handicapped.
  • Pools for free with a slide and Jacuzzi.
  • Small River to bathe in the same farm.


Situated amid a forest of oak and centenarian chestnuts with meadows where cows graze, small river, birch and alder forest, where you can find wild berries, blackberries, raspberries, wild pear hawthorn, currant and many medicinal plants and animals like deer, fox, wild boar, hares, ferrets, badgers, otters, eagles, kestrels, hawks, doves, herons, storks and many different birds.

The Shire of Ulla Antas belongs to the region of Ulloa ...


From our centrally located with respect to the Galician community, we can perform a multitude of cultural tours, culinary, landscaping, etc.. to make better our community...



Created for people who need it, to suit their diets to lose weight, improve disease processes, organ cleansing, post-operative recovery, lack of vitamins or minerals.

Tracking of diets or fasts

We recommend various treatments to improve health imbalances, herbal remedies, chromium therapy, magnet therapy, hydrotherapy, geotherapy, massage...

Oriented to psychotherapy problems with transpersonal psychology techniques, working with meditation and relaxation with gems leads the individual to a state of heightened awareness, where sees and understands their mental and emotional and jam with our help to solve the imbalance improved through an understanding of a new way to feel, think, act from accepting, forgiving, loving.

Our therapy is completely safe, so it does not produce any damage. Works well in mental, emotional and energetic imbalances as any kind of depression, disappointment, trauma, chronic apathetic states, states of anxiety, mood or lack of interest in life, and so on.

In people without problems, it is going very well, learning to be filled with energy, courage, lucidity, the ability to work, ability to respond to outstanding issues. You can learn to meditate in a simple and rapid way to your circumstances, learning to connect with your intuition, to discover your power, your values, your artistic abilities (if any).

We guide you in connecting with the Creator, with nature and its manifestations. In a few therapy sessions, depending on each person, we can achieve a change in you at all levels, to allow you to lead a more balanced, harmonious and happy life with yourself, with everything around you and with other people you share the time.

Job is forever, because it is a learning structure that creates your personality, your way of being and acting. We teach techniques of self-esteem, personal growth and meditation.

Individual therapies usually last 2 to 2.30 hours.

Room courses

Building made with wood 8 x 16 m 128 m2 glass-domed ceiling, heated to 21 m from the main building, surrounded by oak trees with appropriate sound built with the techniques of Feng Shui and bio energy and construction with an appropriate vibration to develop work of meditation and relaxation in favor.

The room can be used in rental system for entities that want to take courses in pleasant surroundings.


Around the house there are many hiking trails or bike roads, little traffic, or dirt roads of 2.5 m. wide, where you can enjoy pleasant walks.

We are at an altitude of 500 meters, with small mountains and small drops, taking about 10 km. Farel Mount with 1,000 m. elevation.

In the area there are petroglyphs and archeological remains primitive, such as hill forts, dolmens, and Romanesque churches, windmills, watermills, old stone houses, castles, and so on.

You can visit neighbors house to see pet rabbits and cows, sheep, chickens sharing diverse work field.

Contact La Casa del Alba - Santiso, 13 - 27579, Antas de Ulla - Lugo (SPAIN)

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1 Reviews about Nursing home in Galicia: La Casa de Alba
on 19/10/2015
I'm so glad that there are so many opportunities for getting outside and going hiking! I think a lot of people, when they get older, start to feel like they just don't have it in them to get out and do things anymore, and that's what causes them to fall ill.

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