Preparing Summer since Spring... Jetzt abnehmen für den Frühling-Sommer ... Ahora en Primavera para preparar el verano...

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Preparing Summer since Spring...

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Preparing Summer since Spring...

Specialists insist that the weight loss is the only thing that helps people lose weight in a healthy and balanced way. It does not restrict any food but the amounts and ways of cooking. The main idea is to lose weight without harming health.

With a hypocaloric diet and moderate exercise, those pounds will disappear with the guarantee of not becoming a problem. Gradually we will change habits and eventually eat in a more subtle way, to avoid the yo-yo-effect loss and rapid recovery of weight.

In a hypocaloric diet, you must adhere to the three main meals.


Consists of a glass of skim milk, or coffee with or without an infusion, a slice of bread sprinkled with a little olive oil with a little tomato and a piece of fruit.


It must have a plate of vegetables, avoiding flatulence and the number is free, with a little olive oil and you can enter any type of food, meat or fish, the latter always better to cook boiled or grilled, with very little oil (a soup spoon). 


Coffee with skim milk and a piece of fruit or a yogurt will help you to avoid being hungry, it is mental more than anything


Should be light and preferably do not sleep immediately after. You can cook an omelet and a salad and if you are hungry you can take an infusion and a piece of fruit before bedtime.


  • Use dessert dishes instead of the other and thus giving the sensation of eating more.
  • Do not weigh yourself before 15 or 20 days, this can haunt us.
  • Do not buy clothes while reducing weight but save the money in a drawer to be forgotten ... when thin.
  • I recommend you take a flower essence, Spirulina and NONI.

In this way we will look wonderful!

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4 Reviews about Preparing Summer since Spring...
on 22/10/2015
I know that as of now we're about as far away from summer as we can get, but I do strongly agree with the philosophy of eating according to the seasons, and changing the general qualities of diet to accomodate differences between all the seasons.
on 06/07/2014
summer is here! and I'm glad of being fit to go to the beach, and that's thanks to the way of eating and exercizing I have been doing!
on 05/05/2014
Is this diet ok for men too? just asking around because I want to lose some pounds for the summer, this year I do want to show off a nice body!
on 29/11/2013
Good advices to keep on fit while preparing to look even better in the summer, well, now it is not that time but it is helpful to keep them in mind when you want to maintain the weight and the good health, and the advices are pretty short and easy to understand

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