Nourish your hair from your stomach until the tip Nähren Sie Ihre Haare aus dem Magen, bis zu den Spitzen Nutre tu cabello desde tu estómago hasta las puntas

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Nourish your hair from your stomach until the tip

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Nourish your hair from your stomach until the tip

Do not let your hair becomes weak, gets opaque and then say goodbye to you. When the hair begins to feel rough, weak, withered and start to fall more than usual, you should take care as soon as possible. The hair is an extension of the bloodstream; it is part of our body and the arms and legs. As you know, a proper diet is extremely important to avoid losing health and shine, but it is also necessary to consider other factors that may be causing your hair becomes weak and has poor appearance, and begins to say goodbye.

These tips will guide and help not only keep your hair in place, but will look healthy, strong and radiant. If your hair does not look like you want, remember not only taking into account the aesthetic point of view, as the deterioration of the hair almost always mean internal damage.

Causes that lead to a hair in poor condition:

  • Inadequate nutrition, low-quality products and low combined.
  • Anemia, taking allopathic medicinal products in large quantities.
  • Excess sugar and starch (and derivatives).
  • Excessive consumption of canned goods.
  • Excessive consumption of soft drinks and bottled juices.
  • Frequent consumption of cereal box.
  • Smoking, alcohol and drink lots of coffee.
  • Poor circulation to the scalp as in the hair root is a bulb that sucks nutrients from the blood. Anything that disrupts the optimal movement will prevent the hair food.
  • Scalp in poor, sick, very oily, very dry, scaly condition.
  • Stress, depression or emotional upset nervous system: which causes thinning hair, loss of nutrients and its fall.
  • Fever.
  • A disease.

However, whatever the cause is causing this problem, go ahead and follow these easy tips and tools that are not contraindicated with any other treatment and help you greatly for your hair to recover and regain its health, strength and shine.

Natural Remedies:

FOOD: The hair is composed of almost pure protein, much needed to stay healthy, but do not be confused, because many times we believe that we can take only the protein of animal flesh, which is absolutely incorrect. The blue fish like salmon and tuna are good sources of protein and oils, but there a lot of plant foods that are rich in proteins and are also much better for your body: wheat germ, brewer's yeast, sunflower seeds, seaweed (all) as well as almond and avocado, sesame, are excellent source of quality protein, plus it will nourish your hair silky and strength.

AVOID: sugars, refined breads and biscuits.

CONSUME FOODS RICH IN IODINE: sometimes hair loss is due to a lack of this important mineral. The pepper, celery, cucumber, carrot juice, alfalfa, and spinach are rich sources of iodine. The juices of fresh vegetables are highly nutritious for the hair, so it is important to prepare a juice a day combining different vegetables. Also note that keratin is a substance that forms the hair and contains much sulfur.

BRUSH YOUR HAIR: the lack of movement is a major reason for the hair to weaken and fall, if not get enough nutrients, it will weaken and fall. It is best to buy a natural bristle brush and with the head inclined, gentle but vigorous brush your hair the night before bath.

SCALP: if your body hair is in bad shape, your hair will suffer without a doubt, and leave. The best for the scalp are certainly the soft massage, applied once a week a mix of one egg yolk with lemon juice and a piece of avocado. This also keeps it in good condition. Another good habit to give strength and health to your scalp and daily headache is to stop or wrap in a table tilted so that the circulation flow to your head and plenty of oxygen and nourish your hair.

ESSENTAIL OILS, HERBS AND SHAMPOO: There are various oils and herbs you can use to nourish your hair and combat the many evils that harm: rosemary, lemon and castilla against dandruff, the cassava root, chamomile, tea sage, the Castilla shampooo, infusion of parsley. The oil of rosemary, orange and violet, properly combined, are effective alternatives.

TENSION: if your scalp is tight, strangling the root of the hair, it will be weakened. Persisting tension, come a time when the pore is not open then we will have more and result in alopecia. Check often than your scalp is not tense, take your attention there, and send the message to "relax." Many times it is clear you feel like relaxing.

DON’T ABUSE OF DRYER: dry your hair with care. The best and healthiest is that you let your hair dry at natural, once it is damp (almost dry), then dry with the dryer.

SLEEP WELL: if there is a delightful friend to skin and hair, it is a good rest. Seek at least 8 hours of sleep a day. If you feel you cannot relax at all, make a tea of orange blossom, chamomile, peppermint or Pasiflora. You can also eat an apple before going to sleep.

Other tips:

  • American Indians had the habit of rinsing their hair with you sarsaparilla to keep plenty of hair.
  • The apple cider vinegar helps keep the hair nice and shiny, but also of the lemon or orange oil produce glow.
  • Take tablets of parsley, alfalfa, garlic, yeast, spirulina, nutritional supplements and so on.

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2 Reviews about Nourish your hair from your stomach until the tip
on 16/05/2015
I have a lot of skin allergies to the chemical products used in mot hair products, so needless to say, I don't use a lot of shampoos or conditioners that are available on the market. I too resort to a healthy diet, in part to manage beautiful hair, and to just be healthy.
on 28/06/2013
Even though my wife keeps telling me that it doesn?t matter what I do, my hair will fall anyway, I want to try something to avoid it at least for a few years more so these recommendations will be pretty helpful to achieve my goal, and I hope to see results soon and leave my wife with the mouth open

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