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No Wrinkles with this Super Effective Diet

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No Wrinkles with this Super Effective Diet

Creams, ointments, masks and other products on the market make us believe that the strength and youth of the skin depends only on them, and although effective creams are important supplements to keep our skin young and nourish, the effects of these products would be better if we include foods rich in antioxidants, pure water and other dietary advices that will help you keep your skin young and radiant for many years.

Foods that are best for your young and healthy skin

Onion: one of the best resources for healing the skin and keep it young. Some people take more than 20 years off eating raw onion daily. You can eat a bite, but you can also make a salad or add it to vegetables juices. Anyway, I recommend you eat half an onion a day, if you dislike the taste; then add lemon and olive oil. Onions are rich in antioxidants and are strong intestinal debuggers; intestines are closely related to skin health.

Carrot and alfalfa: two close friends of youth. They contain many minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, combine them well and can be mixed in salads, juices, stews, etc. The important thing is that you eat them fresh and raw; juice of these vegetables will be great for lunch. Avoid mixing with lemon because the vitamins of the carrot will disappear.

Aloe: one of the most powerful cellular regenerator. Aloe juice has been used not only to maintain health and firm the skin, but to prevent many diseases and aging of organs and tissues. Full of antioxidants, aloe is a dietary supplement that can be taken once daily, half cup of juice you will work in a good way. You can mix it with other vegetable juices such as carrot, lemon juice, etc.

Garlic, broccoli and raw vegetables: In general, vegetables and raw fruits are great sources of antioxidants that you can include in your daily diet. Strawberries, oranges, tomato, garlic, broccoli, blueberries, kiwi, lemon and papaya should be featured in your diet, combine varying them every day.

Green tea, cocoa and coffee: foods that contain lots of antioxidants. The secret is not to add sugar as this is very irritating to the nervous system, and if we feel anxious, irritable or nervous, your body age faster, and sugar addition deteriorates our nerves causing overweight. Sweeten with honey that is rich in antioxidants, or use brown sugar. However, avoid abuse of coffee. Cocoa must be bitter, not milk chocolate. 

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds or sesame: all these foods are also great source of antioxidants. They are good for breakfast time; add them to the fruit or liquid. It is recommended to eat 5 almonds a day, which also contain plenty of calcium and can replace cow's milk which stuck in the intestinal lining and eventually doesn’t absorb nutrients and toxins are disposed.

Soybean sprouts, alfalfa, amaranth, etc: Sprouts are great source enzyme which is essential for healthy metabolism of the body. They invigorate and help maintain tissues throughout the body healthy.

Foods that go against your youth and deteriorate tissues

White sugar (soda, candy, cakes, etc.), or highly refined products with added colorings and cow's milk and derivatives (such as salty cheese or fermented products). Salt in excess dry tissues and makes them prone to wrinkle, so it is recommended not to use salt or use sea salt in moderation. Fried and junk products also produce aging of the organism in general and not only don’t nourish, but fill the body of unnecessary waste that inflame the stomach, intestines clog and prevent nutrients from being absorbed.

General recommendations to maintain an anti-aging diet:

  • Remember, the products that contain biological or organic nutrients are better, soil is not what it used to be, so many products have lack of essential nutrients.
  • The best to stay young is to eat as much raw food as possible to absorb the vitamins and vital force.
  • Taking antioxidants tea like green tea or white foster good tissue repair and cell reproduction.
  • Remember to drink at least two liters of water a day as water is the main way to keep skin well moisturized.
  • Tea should be taken half an hour after meals.
  • The excessive stress causes the body does not absorb nutrients and wear prematurely. It is recommended to practice meditation, yoga and readings that help you feel peaceful and relaxed.
  • Do not forget that the happiness and joy activate a number of hormones in our brain that cause our body to flow rejuvenating substances, triggering healthy cell reproduction and tissue repair.

Suggested Diet (example):

FASTING: Drink a glass of juice of any citrus fruit like a lemon or orange. Or eat orange slices, grapefruit juice, etc.

BREAKFAST: Fruit with nuts or seeds. You can choose papaya, banana, mango, strawberries, etc. Add pure honey and sesame seeds, or some walnuts or almonds (natural muesli). If you eat fruit for breakfast, do not eat anything else immediately; wait until the fruit is digested in your stomach, half an hour is enough. This will make you take advantage of other foods better as they are not rapidly fermented by the sugar. In general, eat only fruit and wait until noon for lunch.

HALF DAY: Choose from vegetarian sandwich, tacos, vegetables, vegetable soup, brown rice, etc.

BETWEEN MEALS: Take a carrot, aloe or alfalfa juice, or combine two or three vegetables. Aloe can be replaced by cactus. Don’t add lemon or sugar to sweeten the juice.

FOOD (about five in the afternoon): Vegetable soup and stew. You may choose between spinach or pumpkin pancakes, pasta with vegetables, rice with vegetables, lentils, mashed potatoes or carrots, etc. We recommend choosing a cooked dish and accompany with a salad of raw vegetables.

DINNER: Apple salad with granola, vegetarian pizza, oatmeal with almonds milk, amaranth cereal with rice milk, etc. Dinner should be provided one hour before bedtime.

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2 Reviews about No Wrinkles with this Super Effective Diet
on 31/01/2015
I totally agree with and support using diet (food) as medicine, and I completely agree, that these methods ARE effective. I don't think we should mislead anyone, however, by thinking you can live forever and never develop a wrinkle just by eating a good diet. You can be healthier than you would be eating junk.
on 22/11/2012
That diet look interesting maybe I should try it soon. I wish you could post more recipes to follow a healthy and complete diet. That would be awesome! Those properties of certain foods are really good to improve our skin and our health in general, it?s good to know that.

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