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No more cellulite

The appearance of the skin known as orange peel is caused by an abnormal storage of fat and water in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The lump under the skin and clogs in the bloodstream cause toxins to stagnate, there is no sufficient nutrient irrigation to cells and causes a congestion of toxins and to lose elasticity and skin health.

Emotional and physical causes

The causes of cellulite are attributed to various reasons both physical and emotional. Lack of exercise, adequate oxygenation, the excesses of animal fats and saturated diets rich chemicals, refined and salted meats are some of the physical causes that cause it. Emotional causes that make a person prone to cellulite are depression, frustration and burnout on all producing long periods of insecurity, especially in those who do not feel sufficiently loved and accepted and constantly tend to feel insecure and threatened, they lack sufficient appreciation and recognition.

Hot to combat cellulite

In the physical aspect, we know that one of the hardest thing to build is the habit. You can start mostly by exercising but may not be enough if you've been a rather sedentary person. Not even thousand people can convince the large profit of the exercise if one is not convinced that the body is a unconditional miracle, which is our vehicle of life and love and it is best to give our best thanks. Your body speaks in many ways to advertise what you need, and cellulite are telling you that your body needs to move urgently, it says that your blood is not circulating properly and that, moreover, a severe accumulation of fat and toxins can cause more severe conditions such as heart problems, liver problems and kidney. You need to also put great attention to what you eat.

Food: the ideal is to leave as soon as possible consuming too salty and fried products, which you leave the cold meat, animal fats and refined sugars and you begin to prefer a lighter diet, based mainly in salads, seeds and fruits. Then we give you a list of those vegetables, herbs and fruits to help you begin a phase of cleaning in your entire body and which are especially recommended to combat cellulite. You can use the following foods to make juices, salads and cocktails. Seek to sweeten the least possible and do not mix citrus fruit with sweet.

  • Alfalfa
  • Dandelion
  • Onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Fennel
  • Sandalwood
  • Strawberries
  • Parsley
  • Carrot
  • Celery

Other tips

  • Take citrus juice at mornings
  • Takes celery, parsley (a few sprigs) and carrot juice three times a week.
  • If you eat meat, try it being free from fat. Prefer fresh seafood.
  • Include in your diet, organic iodine, derived from marine algae.
  • Avoid all refined breads, pastries, cookies, etc... Consume products containing grains with their husks like black bread, bran or rye.
  • Replace refined salt by a salt made of species.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Give baths on hands and feet with celandine herbs or ponytail. Get used to give a massage with the pads of your fingers to break the cell.
  • Swimming, riding bike or going for a walk (if possible in the sand) are the best exercises to combat cellulite.
  • Shape your skin with a natural bristle brush once a day.

The emotional aspect: if you have cellulite, it is very likely to have stuck pain, there are situations in your past that you have caused pain and somehow are not resolved. When we were small, and not enough loved, when we feel we are constantly attacked or rejected us, we sent messages to these attitudes of "no acceptance" to ourselves. There is an emphasis on these attitudes in the message that we are not good, and over time we tend to accept, feel insecure, to have difficulty to move and treat us and let us deal with the same aggressive and demanding way. If you look at the cellulite, it reflects the "difficulty of movement," reflecting this accumulation of ideas from us that we pollute (toxins) and reflects our deep-rooted belief "because I do not want me to move" (lack of movement).

I am convinced that if we reach the root of emotional cellulite, this can be removed regardless of their level of expression. I think the main thing is to begin to accept and release all those things in your past that caused you pain, let go that resentment and anger toward people or experiences that when you remember, and yet cause pain and anger. This may be something that takes a little work and they need your time and patience because the emotion can be many and different intensities. If you think you need a "push" for free what you stuck in the past, look for any session of reiki, yoga, meditation or Bach flowers. Any of these therapies can help you begin to cleanse your emotions. You'll see that when released the pain, not just cellulite will go, but your life really begins to flow in a more open, healthy and happy way.

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2 Reviews about No more cellulite
on 19/10/2015
The only time I have ever had cellulite (and it was for a very short period of time) was when I stopped exercising nearly every day. In college I was a collegiate athlete, racing bikes, and I also run a lot. I went through a period where I didn't have time to work out, and within just a few months I had already developed cellulite.
on 18/11/2013
I like when you explain an important topic especially for women, like the cellulite and then you relate it with the emotional aspect and we can find a useful lesson in the two last paragraphs which I found really interesting and nice, I like a lot the articles like this one

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