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No more bags under your eyes! Simple tips to combat them

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No more bags under your eyes! Simple tips to combat them

Making us look old and tired, bags under the eyes with dark circles are usually due to a poor night's sleep. And if that were not enough, it is difficult to feel fresh and alert when our eyes feel heavy, sagging, bags under the eyes are a sign of stress and fatigue.

Fortunately, a few simple tricks can put an end to this annoying problem very quickly.

Homemade Solutions

Potato: Refrigerate a potato, and cut a couple of slices. Place the slices on your closed eyelids and keep in a place for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and you will notice a visible change, as the eye bags will shrink in size.

Milk Remedy: If your eyes are extremely swollen and this happens regularly, the following remedy can be helpful. Soak a few cotton pads in cold milk and place them on your eyelids, lie down and relax for 20-30 minutes. This helps reduce water retention in the eyes and will make them feel refreshed. Do this daily to prevent re-occurrence.

The classic Cucumber: Cucumbers are a great natural remedy to get rid of puffiness under the eyes. Take two slices of fresh cucumber and place them over your closed eyelids, leave on for 20 minutes. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber help reduce inflammation and swollen tissues around the eyes.

Tea Bags: If you are in a hurry, chamomile tea bags will be ideal for you. Soak a couple in cold water and place them on your closed eyes for 15 minutes. After such time, wash your eyes and face with cold water and thoroughly dry your skin, you will notice a big difference. You can also use this remedy twice a day, cooling the bags and applying them for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bedtime.

Oils that help: Put cold water in a bowl and add a few drops of vitamin E. Mix as best you can. Soak a few cotton pads in the mixture and place them on your closed eyes, let stand for 20 minutes. This remedy also helps reduce swelling around the eyes.

Spoons: A simple remedy requires a glass of ice water and four spoons. Soak a couple of spoons in water, and apply them on each eye. Alternate spoons with the other pair, each time you feel warm, replace with a cold spoon. This will help to reduce inflammation.

Egg: Separate the white from the yolk of an egg and with a brush, apply some on the contour of your eyes away from your eye. Leave to dry for about 20 minutes: The result is that the skin contracts and will look less swollen, then rinse your face with cold water.

General recommendations

Undoubtedly one of the main recommendations is to ensure a good rest, because poor sleep favors the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Watch your diet: Eating a poor diet, low in fruits and vegetables can also make us more prone to poor circulation, which can be a cause of fluid retention.

Reducing your salt intake (cold meats, canned goods and other salty foods) is recommended because salt encourages fluid retention.

Hydrate your body, although it seems contradictory, drinking enough water prevents fluid retention in good measure. If you do not consume enough water daily, the body retains fluids that are already inside the body and they will stay there for a long time.

Consider other causes, such as hormonal imbalances, environmental factors or simply genetic factors since the underlying cause may be the ultimate solution.

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7 Reviews about No more bags under your eyes! Simple tips to combat them
on 03/03/2016
This is a really great and useful article that I would life to refer to again and again. I especially liked the tips of potato, cucumber and chamomile to help with reducing water retention and swelling and will definitely be trying some of these remedies. However, as you have already mentioned, no amount of home remedies will help if you are not getting enough rest and/or are not eating a healthy, balanced diet.
on 09/09/2014
I am so excited to have found this article today, I have always had dark circles under my eyes. They're almost never puffy, but I always have dark circles under them, since I was a kid, even when I'm super well rested! I have a chamomile bush at the house, so I will try this remedy. Thanks!
on 15/11/2013
The egg is a remedy that has existed a long time ago, and well, my grandma used to give it me, I remember she even believed that the egg could fix small open injuries, or that before, the people had that believing, and maybe if I investigate a little more, I will find out that the egg CAN do that!
on 09/11/2013
Now I know why the typical image of a spa in the woman using cucumber in the eyes, I didn't know it was so good option though! Maybe now I will opt for using this option, not in a spa but yes in my home, telling my husband to take care of the kids and relax for a while
on 28/10/2013
my doctor used to tell me that most of the people have a bad skin because they don't hydrate themselves in the proper way, and once I knew this, I started to take care of my water intake daily and now I don't have problems in my skin even more and even though I tend to have a very dry one
on 27/10/2013
The tea bags under the eyes, especially chamomile, are classic for the ugly bags or holes in the eyes, that can appear because many reason, but all of them related to our care when dealing wit our body, and with this I mean, food, rest and hygiene, which are the pillars of a good and healthy body and look
on 11/10/2013
this sometimes is a problema that cannot even expect, I mean you just wake up and then you have big bags under the eyes, this is very bad for any moment and it is so helpful to find options to treat the problema as son as you can and avoid looking ugly

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