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New Year: Beautiful Body

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New Year: Beautiful Body

What better way to start the year with an effective and simple beauty routine that will never again have to resort to diets or quick remedies to look good. Following these simple and practical advices you’ll get a well-formed body, a beautiful skin and hair and keep aches, pains and diseases away from you.

So do not think more, this routine will not remove a lot of time and you will see that you feel good and light each day of the year.


Do you want thighs, legs and abdomen of a model? As the exercise is the only way to keep in shape. These three are key parts of the body are accentuated because it is where the carelessness and neglect that we have. So you have to consent and to keep them strong and in place with these easy tips that have no pretext for the follow:

  1. Everyday go out to run or walk for at least 20 minutes.
  2. If you cannot go running or walking, then you always have to climb stairs, or those of your office or home. You have to do at least 15 minutes. This will keep your legs beautiful and with very good movement.
  3. Every day you should get 5 minutes (may be before showering) to stop and raise your right hand or right leg, without bending backwards. Upload tightening the buttocks and down at least 15 times, and then do the same with the left leg. This is ideal for buttocks.
  4. Take a time at night to dance at least 10 minutes. Move your legs, your arms, your hips slowly and go up in intensity. Dance is one of the most comprehensive available exercises, it helps you keep your body flexible, to give tone to your muscles and also helps to release tension. Dance is one of the preventive medicines that are more enjoyable.
  5. And finally, put in your position very carefully, because when you bend, your stomach is flabby and your spine is affected, in addition that your whole body suffers this reluctance in aesthetic form. The position is an important key to your body takes more aesthetic appearance.


If you are overweight or do you tend to get sick often, definitely need to renovate your diet and habits. Following a diet is difficult for many to many issues: the time, the habits, customs, lack of will, and so on. So to start the year, we'll give you some basic tips that gradually will make you get used to a routine maintenance of the highest quality..

Every morning, drink in half glass of warm water with the juice of two lemons. This will help cleanse and purify your body fat and unnecessary toxins. You must drink this juice fasting and do not take anything during the 20 minutes that follow.
Make an effort not to consume sugar and its derivatives such as soda, cookies, juice cans, etc. These products are very harmful to the leather, they provide no nutritional value and the only thing they produce is overweight and weak systems and internal organs.

In the evenings, have dinner an hour before sleep. Ideally, before bedtime, dinner is a salad of fresh sweet fruit such as apple, peach, pear, etc. The apple fruit is ideal for sleep, and your digestion is not heavy and does not interrupt your sleep.
And finally, it is necessary to include a vegetable salad or a rich fresh vegetable juice daily. It is often necessary to include in your diet carrots, celery, cucumber and alfalfa. This will keep your skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

Inner beauty

Not all creams or exercises will make the most beautiful, there is truly beautiful on the inside if you even though you feel slowed down, depressed, ugly and rejected. It is important to start feeding this year, along with your body, your spirit. You can do as follows:

  • Attend some yoga, which is a discipline that, in addition to keeping your body flexible and in shape, helps to release tension and to calm emotional.
  • Read self-help books that stimulate your inner confidence and lead you to thoughts that make you grow and to change those things in your life you feel you've stalled or that do not make you feel happy.
  • Think you'd like to do this year creatively, such as learning to cook, draw, write, etc., and do not hesitate to enroll in a workshop or school. It is important to emphasize this point because if your mind is occupied with things you love, your energy will be much lighter and harmonic, and this will be reflected on your health, your mood and your whole beauty in general.

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2 Reviews about New Year: Beautiful Body
on 12/09/2014
What a great article!! I'm so glad you focused on both diet and exercise, and more importantly, inner beauty!!! Inner beauty is far more important than how we look physically, although our physical appearance does frequently reflect our health, both mental and physical. Great article, it's very inspiring for next year..or even now!
on 07/08/2013
It is not the end of the year but I think that any day of the year is a good chance to start thinking different and try to change our habits that harm ourselves and the people near us, like eating too much or being very lazy to practice exercise, so this is good not only for new year.

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