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New Organic Agriculture Plan in Andalucia

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New Organic Agriculture Plan in Andalucia

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Angel Fernandez Batanero took the introduction of brokerage Doñana, awaken the senses, which took place at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin to ensure that the community will have a new plan for organic agriculture. He stated that with this plan are intended not only continue to grow, but to consolidate the bet reached and improve the structures of production and marketing of what is available. In addition, Fernandez reminded the audience that with the 550,000 hectares of the region of Andalusia, this community is a national leader in sustainable practice and essential for the development of rural areas.

He also revealed the government's commitment to the Andalusian quality products and companies as the best guarantee for the future and competitiveness in the German market as a very demanding and respectful environmental practices. In this regard, he highlighted the commitment of businesses in the District of Doñana, which have the distinctive quality of Doñana Label 21.

Director of the Doñana 21, Miguel Gonzalez, insisted that Doñana is a clear example of how sustainable development is possible, moreover, stressed the importance for agri-business and tourist market as the German one, which in the words of the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Berlin, Alberto Sanz, is the second destination after France in Spanish exports.

For the director of Doñana 21, who invited over 50 guests from importers, businessmen of restaurants and shopping centers in Berlin, it was perfect to see the excellence of the Shire, whose main asset is the people of the area and its companies.

Professional guests held with the participating companies and were able to taste their products and know the art and culture of the area, with performances by artists, Faraco Brothers.

Commercial Doñana activities, awaken the senses, after the opening ceremony at the Spanish Embassy, will continue throughout the month of September in the food section of the mall Lafayette, in center of Berlin. In this center, the participating companies are: Vitafresh (Almonte), Meat Mostrenca Doñana (Almonte), Doñana Apícola (Almonte), Bodegas Barbadillo (Sanlúcar de Barrameda) and Vinicola County (Par Bollullos County), South Island (Isla Mayor ) Maxmeridian / Proasal (Sanlúcar de Barrameda), Los Antonios (par Bollullos County), Escamilla (Umbrete) may display and sell their products : juice, oil, honey, wine, meat, fish and shrimps, peak oil and a very interested in the flavors of Andalusia and respect for nature.

For some of these companies, this is the first action in international trade. While the winery Bodegas Barbadillo means to strengthen and to consolidate its position in the German market.

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1 Reviews about New Organic Agriculture Plan in Andalucia
on 22/10/2014
So...I'm not sure how many regions are in Spain, but it sure seems like they have every region covered here in this magazine. I've heard of SOOO many regions in Spain that are promoting organic agriculture, it would be interesting to see specifically HOW they are doing this promotion. Subsidies I wonder?

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