New Law of Natural Medicine and Complementary Therapies in Nicaragua Neues Gesetz über natürliche Medizin, ergänzende Therapien in Nicaragua Nueva Ley de Medicina Natural, Terapias Complementarias en Nicaragua


New Law of Natural Medicine and Complementary Therapies in Nicaragua

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New Law of Natural Medicine and Complementary Therapies in Nicaragua

Time ago, the Nicaragua's parliament approved the "Law of Natural Medicine, Complementary Therapies and Natural Products".

In general, this law is intended to institutionalize, promote, protect and regulate the practice of collective or individual natural medicine and complementary therapies throughout Nicaragua, and integrate them into the National Health System encouraging the establishment of national policies and programs to accomplish this. It also seeks to promote the safety, efficacy and quality of the practice of natural medicine, complementary therapies and natural products nationally and make a viable and effective alternative for the health of the population, which is a great advance in the standardization of such therapies.

We quote below the beginning of this law:

In recent years, the popularity of natural medicine, complementary therapies and natural products have grown considerably; more and more people use them to control the overall health of their body. While none of these replaces the traditional medicine, the fact is that complement it. The non-traditional medicines are concerned in providing health and wellness to the body. From the most recognized and accepted as homeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine to therapeutic systems, physical and energetic as chiropractic, osteopathy, reflexology, creative therapy, fegshui and others.

To internalize the knowledge of each of them, knowing how to perform and what type of injuries heal is very useful. Natural medicine and complementary therapies are alternatives and are not intended to displace or oppose mainstream medicine. On the contrary, they complement and enhance traditional therapy, incorporating useful treatment methods. Hence the term "natural medicine" which have enabled significant advances in the treatment of diseases of the XXI century: stress, panic, chronic fatigue, depression or allergy in adulthood.

The most popular non-traditional therapies include naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Arabic and Tibetan ayurveda, among others. All of them base their principle on a global philosophy and cover a wide spectrum of treatments, therapies and natural remedies. Naturopathy, for example, relies on the use of only natural substances to treat disease. (...)

(...) You need to focus on general health issues from a more holistic and intercultural way. Natural medicine, complementary therapies and natural products are fairly comprehensive and therefore have a very appropriate vision of health problems.

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2 Reviews about New Law of Natural Medicine and Complementary Therapies in Nicaragua
on 23/02/2015
What a relief to see that natural medicine is growing so strongly that it's actually requiring legislation. This is a breath of fresh air for me, because I am so flabbergasted t osee how ignorant our societies appear to be when it comes to understanding true health. I heard walgreens' latest commercial advertising oreo and dorito sales!! Walgreens is supposed to be a place of HEALTH!
on 28/12/2012
It?s good to know that alternative medicine like naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and more are taking space in every place of the world, because natural medicine is a way lot better than the traditional and prevent the problems instead of fixing them later.

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