Neural Therapy: the comprehensive treatment of the disease Neural-Therapie: die umfassende Behandlung der Krankheit Terapia Neural: un tratamiento integral

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Neural Therapy: the comprehensive treatment of the disease

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Neural Therapy: the comprehensive treatment of the disease

Our nervous system, along with the endocrine system, core of our capacity of adaptation, a feature crucial to the survival and has evolved as the passing of the centuries. The nervous system is seen as an integrator of the different organs and tissues of our body, thus forming a vast network that enables communication and interaction with all the cells through the extracellular matrix, known as the basic substance which consists of a set of materials outside the cell. This mechanism of communication between all the cells leads to suffer any irritation that alter the properties (and functions) of a part of the nervous system, you're affecting a whole, causing them to appear where impact is a predisposition to an irregular operation in the body.

What is Neural Therapy?

Neural Therapy is a therapy that seeks to neutralize precisely these irritations that affect neurovegetative tone and trigger the disease.

What is neurovegetative?

It is part of the nervous system that regulates the functions of nutrition, development and reproduction in the body. It is also called vegetative nervous system or autonomic nervous (or not) because this system works independently, i.e., largely independent of the conscience, which means, for example, that can make your stomach without digestion you just have to think about this process to succeed.

What is Neural Therapy?

Neutralization of the irritations of the nervous system is carried out using a special method.

First applies a local anesthetic (usually procaine) in low concentrations, especially in places where the vegetative nervous system has suffered injury or aggression. This will attempt to remove blockages that affect the exchange of information between cells, producing stimuli that irritate the nerve network, which aims to revive the regulatory mechanisms so that the body produces its own self-feedback, helping to place a new order through his own life force. Therefore, this alternative natural health supplements with natural measures.

Neural Therapy as a holistic treatment

One of the great advantages of this therapy is that it considers not only the symptoms of the patient who tries to be considering the emotional and physical and mental. Understanding that the patient is being served and when, taking into account that the nervous system is a key element in integrating the whole person, as by its connections with the infinite brain structures, the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, the limbic area and others are involved in the mental, emotional, social and cultural beings.


This therapy considers the social, psychological and emotional as possible influential neuro-endocrine axis-immune as possible in all parts and functions of the organism. This therapy also considered that the tendency to stress reactions, depressive and anxious for an individual sample in different experiments and experiences of everyday life, are powerful influential inhibitions of many manifestations of the body's immune response.

About Neural Therapy

Pavlov and Speransky Russians and other physicians and surgeons and researchers as Spiess, Head, Wischnewsky, Bikow, Leriche, Schleich, etc., have been the precursors of the bases of the therapy through the nervous system. Later, the German doctors Walter and Ferdinand Huneke, systematized Neural Therapy.

This happened in 1925 when the Huneke brothers saw the severe headache of their sister, who did not allow the various processes they wanted to give. Ferdinand, on the advice of an old colleague, injected her sister atophanil (antirheumatic) in an attack of migraine, and migraine disappeared immediately, even depression that accompany the migraine.

Along with his brother Walter, Ferdinand found the cause of the amazing effect of antirheumatic. Later Speransky checked and insisted on something amazing, that in acute or chronic infections, the role of the germ or virus is considerably smaller than is usually thought. Furthermore, the injured, irritated or weakened body can inflict damage to its own tissues and organs, far more severe than that produced by microbes.

In the case of an infection, Neural Therapy knows that the germ is only the tool that uses the body to maintain a state of inflammation, acidosis, the yang, keeping his tone or own order, i.e. , says Payan, illness as a path for its own purpose.

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3 Reviews about Neural Therapy: the comprehensive treatment of the disease
on 25/05/2015
I have a friend who is studying medicine at a university that approaches health and healing from a comprehensive perspective, and she kind of explained some of this philosophy to me, and I've been interested ever since. I like the comprehensive approach.
on 25/05/2014
on 08/07/2013
I have a question, can this work with someone who have suffered an accident in the brain and has lost some of the movement? Just asking around because since you say that this therapy helps the brain and encourage the use of it, so tell if you can, it would be nice

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