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Neural Therapy

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Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a very effective tool for economic and alternative medicine which is an anesthetic infiltration of specific sites in the body for the purpose of balancing and optimizing biocybernetics regulation of the autonomic nervous system, normalizes, as a result the integrated functioning of the body and restoring the body's ability to cope with infectious agents and harmful substances. This technique includes the points of acupuncture, and other special places. It also applies the anesthetic in the area where it is a pain, for the simple effect of analgesia.


In 1925, German doctors Ferdinand and Walter Huneke, discovered by chance that a headache (which suffered one of their sisters), and which was resistant to other treatments, would disappear as it applied in portions minimum of anesthetic injected, although this effect of the drug product was not recognized.

And as in many accidents that have led to major discoveries from these specialists are then gave the work to deepen their discovery for many decades, to complete their studies and analysis method of natural medicines of great value and now matures in natural medicine: neural therapy.

Dr. Martín Hernández Esteban Villanueva, explains: "We can define the neural therapy as a technique in which injection of local anesthetics (which are used in a given area of the body for sleep, reduce pain or to make a healing or suture), and thus triggers the generation of a tiny electrical pulse (290 millivolts) that those cells that do not work properly renew their capacity. "

Numerous applications

With this option can be treated several ailments such as:

  • Headaches
  • Pain in eyes or ears
  • Nuisance in the back
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Lung diseases
  • Digestive problems such as gastritis (erosion of the wall of the stomach)
  • Colitis (inflammation of the colon)
  • Conditions
  • Muscle
  • Menstrual cycle disorders and joint disorders.

Like any good natural therapy, this alternative is usually accompanied by a cleansing diet, aiming to eliminate toxins, as a clean, well-nourished body is essential for recovery from any illness.

Here is a list of foods that should be eliminated or avoided to the maximum during this therapy

  • White sugar and its derivatives (soft drinks, cakes, cookies, candy, canned goods): the white sugar is extremely irritating to the nervous system, causing a host of ailments due to the action that causes degenerative factors in the body.
  • The sausages: ham, sausage, chorizo, bacon, greaves, butter, sausages and even turkey and tamales (containing lard).
  • Irritating Drinks: such as coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and so on.

On the other hand, we have to increase consumption of fresh foods such as:

  • All vegetables should be included in a variety of ways. Vegetable juices are very beneficial, but must be considered, to use a medicine, not mixed with other foods, and drink small sips, a liter every day. Make drink preferably in the afternoon and try to mix two or three vegetables, carrot considering at least three times a week.
  • Fruits are also very beneficial for purifying the body, especially citrus. If you decide to take this therapy, try drinking a glass of fruit juice of any citrus fasting. Some citrus fruits are: lemon, guava, pineapple, plum, etc.
  • Eat whole grains such as rice, oats, wheat, barley, spelled, etc.. Avoid at all costs of refined products (white bread, for example) which does not nourish the body and only demineralizes.
  • Yogurt: the buttermilk and keffir are excellent debugger.
  • And do not forget the sprouts, which contain large amounts of enzymes, antioxidants and chlorophyll, help restore minerals.

Neural therapy for cancer and AIDS

Neural therapy helps cancer patients and for people with AIDS, or those with immune problems. However, caution is needed in the implementation of injections, which could generate a local infection.

Those who cannot take this therapy

The application of anesthetics is not recommended for those suffering from heart problems, such as severe bradycardia or atrial ventricular block. Nor is recommended for people who use cortisone or in patients receiving chemotherapy, which is applied in some types of cancer or tumors.

Here we leave you alternative for you to decide and evaluate new ways of healing.

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1 Reviews about Neural Therapy
on 05/08/2015
Very interesting new philosophy of medicine, and I completely agree with what I'vev heard of it so far. It sounds like it has a lot of similarities with eastern medicine philosophy, which combines a heavy emphasis on food and mental well being as well.

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