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Negative thoughts make you sick

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Negative thoughts make you sick

Any negativity of the mind is a message to our physical body, any refusal makes our body stores it, if your complete being: Spirit, Mind and the physical body, is not in positive harmony, the body gets sick.

When also, you allow the negativity in the mind, the thinking crystallizes abnormally accumulating negativity until extreme which first manifests itself in different ways but if not corrected, it ends in disease.

Emotions and Health

All human beings, animals and plants have feelings. Each species vibrates in a special and different way, but we realize that a pet takes emotional attitudes of their masters and on the other hand it can make us feel less alone.

Loneliness, hard emotion, when imposed, people will come to abandon, loneliness makes a pet dies when its master dies..... Loneliness causes sickness, but can be cured, if we discover that we are not alone ever, we are with ourselves and we must value this company, which sometimes goes unnoticed by a situation, so we are so weak and doubt is a devastating emotion, as always accompanied by impatience, another emotion. This makes havoc on our health and development that is also often hand in hand with Fear, enemy of all being-alive, looking with sorrow, smallness .... and can then appear: Anger, indecision, discouragement or despair.

If we have safe and stable emotions, we will be healthy, on the other side it will make us sick.

But there are solutions in Flower Essences for all:

  • For those who suffer doubt.
  • For those who feel fear.
  • For those who feel no interest in the present.
  • Hypersensitive to the ideas of others.
  • To discouragement and despair.

Negative thoughts become words: So, Careful with your words

Because they are the power that man has to create. It is a gift that comes directly from God.

By words, we express the creative power, all is revealed. Regardless of the language is spoken, your intention is revealed through the words.

Words are the most powerful tool that the human being has, the instrument of magic. But they are like a double-edged sword: it can create the most beautiful dream, or destroy everything around you. One of the edges, is the misuse of words, creating a living hell. The other is the impeccability of words, which only begets beauty, love, and heaven on earth. Depending on how words are used, or enslaved all the magic that has, based on your words even more. They are pure magic.

This magic is so powerful that one word can change a life or destroy millions of people.

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2 Reviews about Negative thoughts make you sick
on 25/11/2013
This article is very correct in certain things, like saying that a simple word can change the entire reality, that is an extreme case but it is true, if you say for example ?I hate you? then you are changing all the relationship you have with that person, the same for ?I love you? and casual phrases like those
on 21/10/2015
Negative thoughts totally make you sick, in more than one way. Psychologically, spiritually and physically, negative thoughts can wreak havok on our inner state of peace and balance, and they build a wall that blocks us from our full potential. You will never be your best with negative thoughts.

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