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The more favorable necklines for women are usually in the back, in the form of square or peak, especially in clothing, and are better long. A good tip to look a nice back is rubbing it with a horsehair glove and keeping hydrated and clean of impurities.

As the face and neck, you can disguise it.

The best ways are:

  • Clean carefully the skin, not just in the shower, do it with a drained cloth with a dash of soap, then rinse with plenty of water and let the skin dry.
  • A relaxing massage with moisturizing cream, leaving the skin totally absorbs the cream.
  • Using makeup or powder used for the face

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on 15/10/2015
It's so important to take care of your skin, and if possible, I would really like to get around doing so with artificial creams and products that were designed inside a laboratory. Do you have any recommendations for homemade creams to help soften skin?

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