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Naturopathy. Natural Living = Healthy Life

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Naturopathy. Natural Living = Healthy Life

The aim of naturopathy is to stimulate the body's ability to fight disease. Current naturopathy rests on three pillars (food, body and mind), the balance of which leads to the well-being and optimal health. It also influences a way of thinking and living more health-oriented and so according to nature as possible the constraints of modern life.

Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the body has an innate power to heal itself. Since ancient times already recommended moderate healthy food, adequate rest and exercise.

Yet when health deteriorates for some reason, naturopathy is not limited to alleviate or suppress symptoms, but attempts to discover and treat the cause.

In general, diseases are attributed to an alteration of normal body balance. Although external factors (bacteria, viruses, allergens) can contribute to the onset of the disease, they don’t have as much importance as the weakness and lack of resistance of the patient.

Naturopathy is a complement not a substitute medicine. The age and general health consultant of major importance: naturopaths insist that successful treatment depends not only on the severity of the condition, but the body's ability to heal by itself and it greatly influences the attitude of the person. Bronchitis, for example, will ease soon in a vigorous young man than in a frail elderly, but in both cases was sought healing by stimulating natural processes avoiding the consumption of drugs as far as possible.

The preparation naturopaths have is according to the activity that we developed, we started to develop a personal health plan, as detailed and complete as possible questioning the client about the environment they live and work, their way of life, eating and sleeping habits, menstrual cycles, intestinal function, how their symptoms affect the time of day and weather, etc.

From information obtained from the personal health plan we know why this has deteriorated and developed the program and are health personnel and recommend guidelines to be followed by the consultant, massage, specifying which suits you, correcting eating habits and introduction if necessary to any treatment with herbs or a nutritional supplement, working with breathing and relaxation when appropriate.

Some consultants fear the disease because they consider it beyond their strength. The naturopaths are trying to dispel those fears by explaining that the symptoms are a message from the body which needs attention.

During treatment of certain disorders that may occur temporarily aggravate the symptoms, what is known as a healing crisis and is a good sign because it is considered that the problem has contacted.

In all cases it is necessary to prevent the symptoms covering all the forces of consultant or diminish their will to recover, which will lead to intervention and asking a doctor consultation.

Among general practices are increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, abstaining from alcohol and those substances containing caffeine, and smoking cessation.

It is advisable to exclude from the diet foods derived from milk or refined sugars, and meat consumption. To purify the body and rest the digestive system, sometimes a short fasting is prescribed.

Today there are techniques that have returned and have been accepted even from the standpoint of official medicine and adopt them as a complement to other treatments. Such is the case of relaxation, fasting, herbal medicine, etc. This return may be due to greater humility of some sectors of official medicine.

Josep Masdeu Brufal


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3 Reviews about Naturopathy. Natural Living = Healthy Life
on 01/05/2015
I totally agree!! Naturopathic medicine is defintely a healthier way to live. Not only is it a medical science, it is an entire life philosophy. I used to get chronic UTI's, and after pharmaceutical medication failed to truly help me, my naturopath succeeded!
on 29/06/2014
Very good way of following a nice diet that can help for your body and more, thanks a lot for the idea, I will study it a little bit more befoew doing anything, and thanks!
on 05/06/2013
I?m not sure of all the things that naturopathy talk about but it has many points of view that are certainly correct. I think they should explain their points to different people and see their reactions talking about this form of being the world and the way of healing your body without chemical reactions or anything like that.

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