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Naturland - Association for Organic Agriculture

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Naturland - Association for Organic Agriculture

Naturland - Association for Organic Agriculture was established in 1982 located in the city of Gräfelfing a few kilometers from Munich. Today Naturland is one of the organizations within the most prestigious organic agriculture within existing organizations in Germany. Globally Naturland belongs to one of the largest certification for organic products.

The founding members had the following wish: agriculture that respects nature, free from dogmas and ideologies, liberal and practical oriented principles. Since its founding Naturland has made history in the organic movement, and the movement gave valuable impulses. New sectors were adding as eco-forest use or organic aquaculture sector.

36,000 members

Until the beginning of this new millennium world, Naturland has certified approximately 36,000 farmers, nurseries, winemakers and other producers. Producers working under the Naturland standards (produce valuable food ranging from cabbage to apples, from turkey to salmon, from olive oil until elderberry liqueur). All food produced according to Naturland standards are a guarantee for the protection of the environment and guarantee jobs.

Consumers encourage Naturland

Naturland is supported by people for whom the protection of the environment is of paramount importance. They are members without being farmers and sponsoring partners.


Objective and Naturland mandate is the protection of the environment, breeding base for a decent life, in combination with economic agriculture principles. As mandated belong to these principles include:

  • The spread of organic agriculture worldwide
  • Promoting research, science and education in the field of organic agriculture
  • Developmenting of standards for practical implementation, in combination with nature, organic agriculture, as well as their supervision and enforcement.
  • Participating in the development and elaboration of standards in Germany and internationally under organic agriculture
  • Promoting international cooperation, especially to improve social conditions in the agricultural and commercial sectors
  • Education and training partners
  • Public information on content, objectives of organic agriculture as well as to inform consumers about the relationship between food production, consumer behavior and the environment.

Structure and method of labor unions


Naturland is organized by region and has a federal structure. In Gräfelfing near Munich is home Naturland - Verband für naturgemäßen Landbau eV Members of each of the German provinces are served by the regional office or workgroup.


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