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Healthy Living Naturist Center

The Center consists of a team of physicians, naturopaths, therapists and health Servers; highly committed to the values of Service, Quality, Honesty, Respect, Continuing Education and Teamwork to your satisfaction.

The Healthy Living Institute was founded in 1971 with the primary objective of providing the services and treatments of Naturist System. Today is directed by Dr. Ignacio Rule Vazquez Surgeon and Naturopath with International recognition.

One objective is to: Establish an ongoing commitment to health education, organize courses and workshops with special health issues and concern for you, In order to offer the patients the natural tools for health maintenance.

It provides also an Internment Service for Prevention and Health Care through good nutrition Treatments, Naturist System and a whole range of additional services for the treatment of diseases affecting modern life.

"The primary objective is to restore the natural balance of your body through detoxification and cleansing it; adequately nourish the body to strengthen the immune system and achieve the maintenance of its health."

CAPACITY: 4 deluxe rooms, 4 private and 26 semi-private, for a total of 60 people.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC: Medical Consultation, Bach Flowers, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Reflexology, Magnetic Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Pulse-Tron; Massages (Relaxing, Modeler, Therapeutic Heat), facial and body treatments, manicure and pedicure .

Treatment Program

The treatment program begins with a medical assessment of health status through the traditional medical-clinical diagnosis, helped turn the Iridology (iris diagnosis). On this basis, develops a treatment program customized to fit your needs.

The program is to maximize the benefits of the vital elements (air, water, sun and earth) with 100% vegetarian nutrition, herbal infusions, positive mental attitude and exercise. Talks are scheduled daily, share the secrets to living healthy and naturally. The human body remains healthy, while the body removes waste and toxins that the does not need.

Additional Treatments

Medical Consultation:

Assessment of health status through the traditional medical-clinical diagnosis, supported in turn by the Iridology (diagnosis by Iris). The doctor will design a customized treatment program based on: Vegetarian Food, Herbs (herbal teas) hydrotherapy treatments (steam bath and trim); Geotherapy (clay poultices); Heliotherapy (sunbathing); In order to stimulate the body's own self-healing through the 6 organs of elimination from the body (skin, kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines and lymphatic system).

Psychological Consultation:

Scientists now confirm that many of the physical discomfort experienced by humans are a reflection of changes in mood, such as stress and lack of harmony in everyday life. In this consultation, the therapist discusses these factors with the patient in order to identify which mental attitudes are affecting the health and how to correct them.

Bach Flower Consultation

Treatment also known as "Flowers that heal the soul." Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), a noted British physician, said the disease at source is immaterial, so if it is addressed only the physical manifestations, the health doesn’t recover, that is (only attack the effects but not its causes). "The disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between the soul and mind", hence through vibrations contained in flowers, bushes and wild trees, human vibrations are increased, the canals prepared to leave the messages of the spiritual self, strengthen emotional personality to be free of their suffering.

General Acupuncture

Treatment from China, which has been used for 4500 years to harmonize the energies of the Tao (yin yang), as it is the most effective way to promote health by promoting proper circulation of energy. Technique based on a map that divides the body into 12 energy channels. Apply using needles, moxa (heat), cupping and so on. Recommended for the treatment and prevention of rheumatic disorders, neuralgia, joint pain and muscular changes in the functioning of the digestive, discomfort premenstrual, menopausal disorders, impotence, dizziness, palpitations, asthma, allergies and more.

Facial Treatments

A healthy and smooth skin is the result of good blood circulation of a pure product of a cleansing of toxins and a healthy diet. The purpose is to highlight the natural attractions of the individual through various treatments to help you cleanse, moisturize, tone and revitalize the skin of your face.

Body Treatments

Relaxing experience, recommended to keep the skin of your body in good condition. We have firming treatments, modellers, wetting agents, who give you the beautiful skin you want.

Manicure and Pedicure

Hygiene, cleaning and beautifying the hands and feet.

Relaxing Massage, Lymphatic; Modeler; Therapeutic

The tension in muscles and ligaments is one of the signs of poor circulation and hence (lack of oxygen in tissues), the most common cause is the accumulation of toxins (in lymph), stress and other psychological factors and emotional origin. The full body massage will help stimulate circulation, relaxes muscles, releases toxins and balances the nervous system, in a relaxing ambient with aromatic oils and essences.


Ancient Chinese technique that works by pressing specific points on the feet, hands and ears which are connected by nerve endings in various organs of the body. Irregularities are detected and localized in dermal tissue sensitivities, which often indicates weak or inadequate functioning of related organs. The reflexology is capable of restoring normal body functions and to relieve pain and increase the proper functioning of body organs.


Thermal Bed, which provides a massaging of the muscles of the spine to generate heat with infrared rays. Simultaneously provides aromatherapy with relaxing effects, reflexology by photo-motor stimulation in the soles of the feet, and infrared radiation on abdomen in cases of intestinal inflammation. Recommended in: Back pain, headache or muscle, Stress, Insomnia, Digestive.

Colon Therapy

Old technique, known in antiquity (Egypt, India, China ...), but its practice in the West dates back to early European spas in the nineteenth century. Treatment consists of cleansing the intestinal tract, by irrigation of medicinal teas in the colon, while it provides a gentle massage of the abdomen to help expel toxic waste. The aim is to soften the hardened stool, and embedded in the large intestine to prevent these toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal walls. Provides a purifying effect, healing and refreshing hydrotherapy action.


This consists in a physical setting, which helps to rearrange the vertebrae of the spine; normalizing the nervous flow through the column and innervated organs, improving their functioning. Recommended in cases of back pain and discomfort caused by bad posture, sedentary lifestyle and stress.

Magnetic Therapy

Therapy with magnetic fields; it is the oldest form of physical therapy. Dr. E. Smith recorded in 1869, the patent for the use of magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes. Since the formation of our planet all life on earth has been under the influence of electric and magnetic fields (Gilbert discovered in 1600 that "The earth is a magnet") and without magnetic influence this life would not be possible. The origin of magnetic fields are common interatomic or intermolecular produced by moving electric charges that is, a stream of rapidly alternating electric fields.

Magnetic fields fully penetrate the body (skin, muscles and bones), so each cell in the body, raises the oxygen partial pressure up to 1,000% from baseline, promotes better blood circulation in vessels and capillaries and hence active all internal organs, regenerate tissue, cartilage and promotes proper disposal of metabolic waste through the lymph, a prerequisite for any recovery process.


Electromagnetic energy therapy that works through the 10 foot reflector areas, stimulates blood flow, improves nervous system function, increases joint mobility, relieves aching muscles and provides a great relaxing effect.

Naturist Healthy Living Center
Democritus 35 SL, Col. Yañez, Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

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4 Reviews about Healthy Living Naturist Center
on 05/09/2014
Hi. I'm living in Alaska right now, but I'm planning on taking a trip back down to Argentina soon. I might be stopping in Mexico along the way, but I was wondering if you knew of any good massage places or spas that I could go to to try out reflexology or Swedish massage. Thanks for the info!!
on 08/05/2013
Hey, I?m just going to visit my aunt in Mexico, just in Guadalajara so it would be amazing If I could go and visit this amazing place at least for a while, I?m very interest in all the naturist topics and now even more in the alternative therapies that are taken place in the west.
on 16/04/2011
Por favor podrian enviarme la informacion en español, me diagnosticaron cancer y quieren niego y necesito ver opciones alternativas para mi caso, estoy viviendo en Costa Rica con escasos recursos economicos.
Gracias por su atencion

María Elena Bernard

on 03/08/2010
Necesito iformacion en espanol, seria posible? Quiero ir a desintoxicarme, somos 4 personas, por favor envien toda la informacion posible.KC

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