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Naturexpo: Organic products, crafts and healthy living Fair

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Naturexpo: Organic products, crafts and healthy living Fair

Recent news reports that the municipality of Finestrat, Alicante, will host the first edition of the show 'Naturexpo', specialized in organic products, crafts and healthy lifestyle.

The presentation of the Fair was in charge of the Councillor of Commerce City Council of this town, Pilar Martinez, who take her intervention to assess the fair as a meeting point for people interested in caring for and preserving the environment through consumption of organic products.

The edition I Naturexpo will be held on 17 and 18 April in an uninterrupted schedule from 10:00 to 21:00 pm in the Plaza of the European Unio. So far, thirty artisans and organic farmers across the province and other regions of Spain such as Granada and Guadalajara have confirmed their presence at this first-edition of "Naturexpo."

Conscious consumption

Mercatrèmol born in Alicante in early 2008. It is a nonprofit association that puts into practice the consumption of organic products with ethical standards, promoting those in the production and manufacture comply with the health of humans and Earth.

The idea came from a group of people who were working together on a project called Terratrèmol and identified with the desire to achieve a sustainable healthy food and local organic farming by LAND. Aware that the project covers only a part of their consumption needs, decided to create Mercatrèmol getting access to a wider range of foods while opening the experience to more people, so it can be a real alternative for citizens.

The idea is to stock up on food and other products with the highest biological quality, sustainable agro-ecosystems from it which is socially and environmentally responsible, and directly from the producer or manufacturer. 

It also seeks to enhance sustainability in the entire process, from production to consumption. This means taking into account the energy consumption, materials used, packaging, origin of raw materials, etc.

The Association

For the management of the partnership are very important resources and tools of social economy such as banking ethics, looking for maximum consistency. It is a responsible use of resources by encouraging reuse, recycling, exchange, etc.

Establishing and maintaining relationships between people and groups involved in the process (farmers, processors and consumers) based on solidarity and complementarity of interests, provided a transparent way seeking to benefit all parties.

This is to help change the social dynamics that impede sustainable production.

The idea is to establish partnerships and networks with related associations, state and regional platforms, etc., in order to share experiences and create synergies.

Mercatrèmol is an open space to learn, practice and promote awareness and responsible consumption.

The association manages exclusively on voluntary contributions and the partners and associates. To participate in Mercatrèmol is necessary to join. The association is organized through quarterly meetings. In them, all male and female members have equal participation and decision. Decisions are taken by consensus.

There are also voluntary groups where the members and partners resolve maintenance issues, accounting, order and awareness. Mercatrèmol is an association that promotes member participation in all activities. The main activity of the association is focused on providing organic products to their partners, according to the criteria outlined in the ten principles.

In addition the association is dedicated to the formation and promotion of ecological patterns of consumption through the organization of conferences, meetings, visiting suppliers, participation in fairs and markets for local products.

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1 Reviews about Naturexpo: Organic products, crafts and healthy living Fair
on 24/10/2014
I am SOO glad to see that they addressed the quality of relationships in this meeting as well, because while all of these actions that we take to better ourselves and the world around us are important, relationships make up the very basic fiber of all of these actions. We cannot abandon such an important facet of the picture.

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