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Kore Nature Center

Under the slogan "Health is the first step into the beauty," Kore is a center that sees aesthetics as a therapy, understanding the beauty and harmony and looking after the health. The Center specializes in treatments using techniques and natural products. The basis for all treatments is Naturopathy in all its specialties.

Kore is a Health Center located in Barcelona that was founded in 1988 by Elizabeth Mulero and dedicated to aesthetics, Naturopathy and manual therapyApplying All therapeutic methods in manual therapy from working respect to the body and the self, in search of natural balance of the body .

Kore also has a training area with teaching some techniques, with courses aimed at training professionals of manual therapy.


Isabel Mulero: Founder and director of the Center since 1988, Korea. Esthetician. Reflexoligist. Chiromassage. Naturopath. Cranio-sacral therapist. Since 1980 has been dedicated to professional practice and education courses and seminars throughout the Spanish state, as well as in different countries. She developed the system of massage chair "On-time massage" (1991) and Reflex drainage of Feet (1998).

Zoraida Linares: esthetician. Reflexologist. Chiromassage. Naturopath. Kinesiologists. Cranio-sacral therapist. Diploma in Aesthetic Surgery Techniques postoperative. Teacher and therapist since 1992,in the Center Korea (Barcelona).

Treatments and Services

All treatments and services are customized and tailored to the particular needs of each client. Usually consist of a set of techniques applied in ways that complement each other to achieve the best possible outcome in each case.

Manual therapy


  • On-Time Massage: ®  Developed by Isabel Mulero in 1992, presents more complete results and therapeutic massage in the conventional chair. It is achieved: muscle relaxation, stimulation of the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins, toning of all organ systems and improving the flow of bodily energy. You can apply in any public place, such as hotels, offices, conventions, etc.. since there is no need to undress or apply creams or oils. It also can be performed by the client to undress in a conventional manner, in the cabin or home. In "On-Time Massage" Chiromassage techniques are combined, Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology. The seat where you perform massage allows the client to take a relaxed attitude to time the masseur can make the work without fatigue or injury.
  • Foot Drainage: Based on clinical practice and observation and processing of the results obtained in Korea have been developing techniques for lymphatic drainage through the reflex zones of the feet. Through this therapy are treated successfully with problems of fluid retention, obesity, bursitis, post (liposuction, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, etc.). No act directly on the affected area. This technique was developed through the treatment of various cases in which no one could manipulate the area directly, for example, in the first postoperative day, facial surgery, or presence of eczema dressing, noting that the results were very satisfactory. This method was presented publicly at the SITEM-1998
  • Reflexology
  • Chiromassage
  • MLD (DLM)
  • Additional Equipment
  • Reiki


  • Somato-emotional release: Emotions "mark" the body. When they cannot be transferred or integrated, nest in the form of energy cysts in certain body tissues, causing both physical and changes in behavior in those who suffer. This therapy is based on Audience and location of these points, helping to release spontaneously by the patient.
  • Viscera failures: may have adhesions, displacement, overloads, etc. By a manual pressure is achieved the mobilization of the organs and structures attached to rebalance their rhythms and return them to their positions of global harmony with each other. This technique has been developed by Dr. Barral at Grenoble (Switzerland).
  • Structural Osteopathy: osteopathy studying biomechanical imbalances, structural, functional disorders, particularly musculo-skeletal system. This method has existed since ancient times, used by the "parent of medicine (Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna, etc.).. In United States, A. Styll Taylor (1828) gave a modern, scientific way and developed according to current medical science. The aim of osteopathy is to help the body to correct its imbalances and diseases through the application of appropriate technical manual. Some applications are more common and effective as muscle and bone pain, digestive problems, liver, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, endocrine and psychosomatic disorders. Once the lesion is located, it is a technical manual specifies stretching, massage or adjustment on the affected vertebrae, to restore its normal position and movement.
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy: therapy began in the early twentieth century by Dr. Sutherland is based on the discovery of Sacrocraneal System (of the sacrum to the cranium). Since 1970, Dr. John Upledger developed techniques to assess and treat membranes and the whole system of the neural tube, setting in motion the natural mechanisms of self in order to correct the malfunctions that may present the central nervous system, which always affect an integrally to the person.


Based system of healing through natural methods and techniques and non-aggressive: Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Hydrotherapy, M. Orthomolecular, Oligotherapy, Test HLBO, Sales, Salts of Schüssler.

  • Ortomolecular medicine: "The amount of the molecule in the exact right spot." The aim is that the body is auto-balanced.
  • Oligotherapy: Administration of metals or metalloids in infinitesimal quantities. Play an important role in the balance of our body.
  • Salts of Schüssler: According to Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler (1821-1898), the loss of health is due to the lack of certain minerals in the cells. Concluded that if the tissues do not receive adequate input from each of the 12 salts he studied in biochemistry, molecular alter the functioning of tissues and causes the imbalance of cellular metabolism, resulting in what we call diseases.
  • HLBO Test: Technical analysis of a microscopic drop of blood that provides a comprehensive analysis of the body. It's fast and secure and allows to monitor the whole process of treatment. Was developed early in the twentieth century by Drs Haintan, Lagarde, Bradford and Oswald, the initials of which give name.
  • Salts: very simple method, used by the Chinese people has always been to relieve pain and release muscles and fascia. Applied directly on the affected area

Other Treatments:

Pre and post. Obesity - cellulitis, Dietetics. Acne. Post-partum problems in babies.


Face and body treatments:

  • Biofacel *
  • Escultor (Specific Korea)Combined
  • Affirmation Body. (breasts, arms, legs ...)
  • Before and after
  • Pre and post operative cosmetic (liposuction, breast, etc.).
  • Mud - Algotherapy
  • Geotherapy
  • Clean balance
  • Facial Reaffirmation
  • Hydration
  • Oxygenation
  • Eye Contour

Training School

In teaching techniques and treatments covered by the new Decree, the College follows the guidelines for assessment of competence approved by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya for their students will be accessible accreditation.

  • Courses, Seminars and Workshops 
  • Reflexology
  • Chiromassage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage therapy
  • Craneosacral for Aesthetic
  • Flower Essences
  • Foot Massage
  • Reiki Workshop
  • Mourning
  • Biolifting


Specially designed for the training of manual therapists for their needs have to study a set of techniques in depth and in a short time. Courses are private and completely customized to each student. You can compose, for example Chiromassage + Flower Essences+ Foot Reflexology


Professionally, students receive a real preparation to practice immediately and efficiently. The courses are open to anyone who wants to become professional in manual therapy. These are courses that are designed to learn at that time so it does not require any prior training, as they include all the materials needed to complete an apprenticeship.


Diploma and, where applicable, professional license from Korea to all students beyond the tests. In addition, the Institute of Health Studies (IES),that depends on the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunyaaccredited official of each therapy which is wishes to carry through an assessment to be determined. We recall that under the new decree regulating the exercise of certain natural therapies, studies of natural therapies and Manuals QUALIFICATIONS ARE NOT OFFICIAL and are not covered by normal training.

Kore Center
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 516, 1r. 3a. 08015 Barcelona

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1 Reviews about Kore Nature Center
on 30/06/2015
What a great healing center, all of these services sound wonderful. I wish we had places like that where I live, I have to travel by plane to get anywhere like that, because I live in a small community on an island. Great to hear about though!

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