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Naturalia 2007: III Organic Products Fair

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Naturalia 2007: III Organic Products Fair

The town of Hinojosa del Valle hosts from May 4th to 6th the third edition of the fair of Organic, Wild and Natural products: NATURALIA 2007, an initiative organized by the Association of Municipalities Tierra de Barros, Rio Matachel and Counseling of Economy and Labor of the Extremadura with intent to promote and advance the field of wild, organic and natural products in our region.

According to the President of the Association and Mayor of Hinojosa del Valle, Juan Durán, the fair, an innovator in the whole region and unique in Spain taking place between Madrid and Barcelona, aims to be the ideal place showing the latest developments in the areas of wild, organic and natural products.

NATURALIA 2007 will bring together more than half a hundred booths, including those from organic, wild, wildlife products, alternative energy and local development, located between Plaza de España and the Polideportivo Municipal Hinojosa. The organization hopes the visit of over 7,000 people.

Program activities

A new feature in this edition, NATURALIA III will be held the first business meeting of organic products from Extremadura, initiative raised as a discussion forum among experts and businessmen of the sector with the aim of finding new sources of employment.

This first meeting will take place on Friday, May 4th at 11: 00 am, and has been distributed on several tables in which work will seek to motivate the creation of partnerships and common projects. This methodology uses a novel. It involves the General Director for Trade of the Junta de Extremadura, David Carmona.

On Saturday May 5th at 11 am, there will be a contest of Wild Food Products, and a conference on culinary tourism, by Professor of the University of Extremadura, Eduardo Alvarado.

These activities are sponsored by the Heritage Project and Human Resources of the Community Initiative Equal.

NATURALIA will also be open to participation by small and young people of the Commonwealth. For them, during three days, there will be a development of the same drama activities have been scheduled, by the theater company SAUCO or musical groups of Pop-Rock and Bangladesh Cet-Fini.

Closing of the show will take place on June 6th at 23:30 pm with the performance of SAMARKAND theater.

Origins of NATURALIA

The origins of this are to be found in a personal stake conducted two years ago by the mayor of Hinojosa del Valle, Juan Duran, concerned that his county (just over 600 inhabitants) masters a marketing project of wild and natural products.

The idea was well received and shows that its second and third year involve the 8 municipalities that comprise the Commonwealth of Rio Tierra de Barros Matachel (Villafranca de los Barros, Hornachos, Ribera del Fresno Puebla de la Reina, Doves, Puebla del Prior, Llera and Hinojosa del Valle). Altogether a total of more than 26,000 inhabitants, although they do not exceed five thousand inhabitants.

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1 Reviews about Naturalia 2007: III Organic Products Fair
on 28/10/2014
It sounds like this fair is an annual fair as well. Do you know if it is continuing to run? I'd really like to learn a little more about what was/is going on, perhaps I'll have to look some information up on the internet. At any rate, thanks for getting the word out, I'm really glad that websites like this can keep people informed about news that isn't doomsday.

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