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Natural vitamins in your Diet

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Natural vitamins in your Diet

Most vitamins we consume are produced by man, and while supplements are fashionable and fortified foods are part of many diets, nature remains as the vital force that we are looking for. Although consuming vitamin products, it is always advisable not to remove entirely the products of nature that give us not only energy filled with sun and soil, but their natural vitamins and minerals.

Certainly the amount of vitamins and minerals that have made us believe we need is not true. Moreover, vitamin overdoses cause many harmful consequences. It is highly recommended that you always include in your diet and balance your food varying so that it doesn’t contain too many vitamins to saturate your body. Remember that "The law of minimum” governs body. It is sufficient to meet the needs of vitamins according to age and situation, the abuse of a vitamin becomes a toxic element in the body which has to make an extra effort to eliminate such excess. Remember that there is no pill for great health, which is cultivated with daily habits, and with great awareness.

Here we give you a list of the major vitamins and their core functions over some of the natural foods that contain them. With a natural food, I mean that one that has not been processed, packaged or refined, as you know that many vitamins are lost in this process and actually contain synthetic vitamins.

Vitamin A: It is very effective in combating skin infections, colds and leucorrhoea. People who ingest high doses of antibiotics or medications which mostly affect the pituitary and cause injury to the liver, kidneys and stomach aches and headaches, should eat foods rich in vitamin A. Cod oil, carrots, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, etc. contain vitamin A.

Vitamin C: It is the star to combat any number of infections in the body. It is in all the vegetables, in high quantities in citrus fruits like lemon, tangerine, guava, pineapple, orange, kiwi, etc. The green pepper has a very high percentage of this vitamin, and even raw potatoes contain this vitamin. We recommend eating between 6000 and 10,000 ml of the vitamin daily. This vitamin absorbs many accumulated waste in the blood and intestines, and eliminates via the kidneys. You can apply lemon directly on wounds and cuts and see the wonder that this vitamin has disinfecting and healing.

Vitamin E: Ideal to combat the sagging skin, varicose veins, lack of oxygen in muscle and brain. It is used to promote activity and all heart ailments that are related to the circulatory system. We can find this vitamin in most cereals such as rice, wheat, corn, amaranth, is found in avocados and some vegetables. However, this vitamin is lost when the product is refined. The refining of breads and cereals make them adding synthetic vitamins, as explained, it is always advisable to seek products that are whole grain and not processed.

Vitamin K: It helps to strengthen the blood. It is in great abundance in the alfalfa, in some plants that germinated and very green as seaweed and spinach, the chlorophyll contains a large percentage of this vitamin.

Vitamin B: We can find this vitamin in brewer's yeast, in the egg yolk, in fresh fish and milk. This vitamin acts directly on the nervous system. Pollen contains all the B vitamins and honey as well.

Vitamin D: The calcium may not be balanced in the body if there is not vitamin D, which is also essential for growth, for the bones and some vital functions of the body. One of the most common causes of arthritis is the low contribution of this vitamin in the body, so if you hurt your bones or have any problems with the skeletal system, look for this vitamin and you will see. And where you can find this miracle? In the sun. Of course you do not have to go to the sun for it, but just bathe you with its light at least ten minutes a day so that you feel its heat enters your arms, legs and all parts of the body as possible. Outdoor activities like swimming, basketball, hiking or just playing in a park are very favorable nourishing the body. In children is extremely important for their growth is not altered by the lack of this vitamin.

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1 Reviews about Natural vitamins in your Diet
on 28/09/2015
I do not support people taking supplements or chemically engineered vitamins at all. I believe that if you are not absorbing the vitamins that you need through your diet, then dietary changes must be made. Not only that, but "vitamins" add chemicals to your body, and the body can't even assimilate pills for the full vitamin value!

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