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Natural Training School

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Natural Training School

Censana is a training school for naturists involved for over 15 years in training hundreds of professionals who currently act as therapists. The school conducts training and distance learning in the form of courses and seminars. These cover various areas of knowledge such as naturopathy, herbal dietetics, diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, osteopathy, Schuessler salts, natural aesthetics, reflexology, the Chiromassage, trace elements and other alternative therapies.

To develop and deliver educational works, Censana has a team of professionals specialized in the teaching area. This team is made up of graduates in medicine, biology and education, and technical expertise in the various manual therapy.

Censana currently is a member of the ANCED (National Association of Distance Learning Centers) and ACCAP (Catalan Association of Private Schools and Training Centers). The lessons are taught by recognized FEDINA (Spanish Federation of Polytechnic Diploma) and FENACO (Spanish Federation of Associations of Professional naturopaths).

Material provided

  • Books containing items that make up each course.
  • Teaching and learning materials developed by the school.
  • Sheets of consultation.
  • Student card with its many advantages.
  • Tests.

Care services for student

  • Small weekend courses.
  • Highly qualified teachers dedicated to the preparation and updating course content.
  • Information service.
  • Relationship with laboratories and companies in the sector.


As soon as a student is enrolled, he or she gets a tutor, so that can be treated with complete and personalized guidance in their studies, which should be addressed in order to make as many queries as may arise throughout the course.


School regularly sends its students some exams in order that both the student and tutor may be evaluating the knowledge acquired to date.


After the studies, and after passing the relevant tests, the school will award a diploma recognized by the federation with which you can exercise professional.

Monograph Courses

In order to expand the training school at the service of students, there are elective, treated in a practical manner courses, at reduced prices.

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1 Reviews about Natural Training School
on 31/10/2015
I would abslutely love to attend a school like this, that trains individuals in how to heal wholistically and naturally. Do you have any information regarding how much this program works, what the certification is, what modalities it trains in? Wonderful article

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